Stockwells discuss working during pandemic

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 25 May 2020

HINCKLEY residents have been missing the opportunity to dine-in at cafes by helping themselves to a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, but local café owner Stewart Downes spoke to us about how his café, Stockwells Coffee House and Bar, is doing.

Stockwells Coffee House and Bar, located in New Buildings, has only been open for a year after opening on 3 May 2019.

PICTURED: Stockwells Coffee House and Bar on New Buildings (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

Before the pandemic, the café would usually see their fair share of customers, but due to social distancing and Government guidelines, they can only operate as a takeaway service.

Stockwells are now providing their own takeaway service which they have called their very own ‘Coffee and cakeaway service’ on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am until 2pm.

Owner of Stockwells Coffee House and Bar, Stewart Downes, said: “We’ve got loads of loyal regulars who live local from both the Hinckley and Burbage area during our Coffee and Cakeaway service.

“At the moment, we are card only, with the addition of Apple Pay and other digital payments.

“Only two customers are allowed in at a time. All of our food is now covered by glass domes, and we have the plastic screen in place at the till. We’re offering a hand sanitising station for those who come to takeaway.”

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Safety measures in place: The plastic board at the till (Mason Moore for Hinckley Free Press)

“As we are preparing food and drink, we’re using personal protective equipment as we do so.

“I’ve left my contact number on the plastic screen, so that customers can provide any feedback or queries regarding how we are operating during this pandemic.

Stewart mentioned about the plans for when the lockdown is lifted. Stockwells are working with the local authorities on how to handle the situation, and the café have reduced the number of seats inside.

Stewart explained: “As we’re following Government guidelines, we’ve went from 38 seats to 14 seats, ready for when we reopen.

“I think most other café owners will keep an eye on Costa, but we’re following the Government guidelines.”

Throughout the month of June, if you quote the name “Hinckley Free Press” in the café, you can secure yourself a ten percent discount off all hot drinks and cake.

Stewart exclusively revealed what the best-selling products are at Stockwells. He said: “Our best-selling cake is the Queen Victoria sponge cake, followed by the caramel slice. We’ve partnered with the Bristol-based cake service Cakesmiths.”

Stockwells are currently running a deal where getting three cakes for £6.75, and if you just want one cake, that will only set you back £2.50.

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A selection of the cakes on offer in Stockwells for the ‘Cakeaway’ service (Supplied by Stockwells Coffee House and Bar to Hinckley Free Press)

“We have a wide array of cakes on offer for all different clients and customers. We have vegan blueberry bakewells, gluten-free espresso caramel brownies and much more.”

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