Watch: Clun Castle passes through Hinckley station

Steam locomotive train, Clun Castle, passed through Hinckley railway station between 9:20 am and 9:21 am this morning.

The locomotive is operating as a dining train as part of a travel package arranged by Vintage Trains, named the Christmas White Rose, before stopping off in York for the afternoon.

The steam train will make its return trip tonight. It will arrive in Leicester around 9:59 pm and it is scheduled to return to Nuneaton railway station at 10:28 pm.

This will give avid train spotters a second opportunity to take some photos of the locomotive if they missed it this morning at either Nuneaton or Hinckley station.

Notizie reporter, Mason Moore, live streamed the 7029 Clun Castle passing through Hinckley railway station on Notizie’s Facebook live feed this morning.

The highlight of the broadcast, the train passing through is available to watch below.

A Tornado strikes at Hinckley train station

Today, train spotters in Hinckley were treated to a majestic sight as the 60163 Tornado passed through the town.

A number of locals visited Hinckley Train Station to observe the spectacle. The Tornado started off in Stevenage this morning, before travelling past Melton Mowbray and Syston, ultimately heading towards Nuneaton and the west.

The train was scheduled to pass through Hinckley at 9:48 in the morning, but it actually appeared in the station at 9:51 AM. It may have been two minutes late, but nobody seemed to mind in the slightest.

Notizie asked one bystander for his opinion on the Tornado’s visit. He said: “It was very nice to see a train from a bygone era.”

The 60163 Tornado is an A1 steam train constructed over the course of 19 years, from 1990 to 2008. The income for the train primarily comes from donations made by the public, and the Tornado’s website urges as many people to donate as possible.

The Notizie Editorial Team recorded the famous locomotive passing through live and exclusively on our Facebook page this morning.

Here at Notizie, we have made it possible so that you can watch the footage through our website with the footage below.