Free Press review menu items from Hinckley’s new Sticky Sisters branch – and bosses issue fresh new details

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 28 April 2022

HINCKLEY’S new fast-food eatery Sticky Sisters are operating on a ‘delivery-only’ basis as they are in the process of updating their unit – the former Burger King.

One of the many burgers on offer (Image: Mason Moore)

Diners are to be welcomed inside once the renovation works are completed and an official opening date is announced.

The Hinckley Free Press were generously granted early access inside to try some of the food that will be on offer – and discuss the new restaurant with representatives.

What Mason ordered

I opted for a large bottle of regular Coke, bottle of water, and two burgers – The Halloumi One and The Sisters’ Veggie, which were both served up with a side of fries.

To go with the fries, I opted for two dipping sauces from the varied menu, which sports a total of 17 different types. I went for ‘cool ranch’ and ‘Sticky Sisters sauce’.

Sticky Sisters Veggie Burger and fries

The Sticky Sisters Veggie Burger with fries (Image: Mason Moore)

As I started to tuck in to the veggie burger, I quickly realised that it does live up to its name. It was very sticky, and left my hands as such, so I was pleased that I was given many serviettes and wet wipe-like hand wipes in advance before eating.

The vegan buttermilk burger was coated in sticky sauce, with some vegan cheese slices on top, alongside some lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles.

The combination of vegetables really worked well in complimenting the burger and helped to make it all the more enjoyable. It was definitely worth the £6.95 price tag, as it can fill you up easily, and it makes for a tasty treat.

It would be something that I definitely order again, but I did have to order a bottle of water halfway through, as I noticed the sauce was a bit too hot and tangy at first, but that could be because I’ve ever really only had barbecue, ranch dressing, and ketchup.

The Halloumi One and fries

The Halloumi One with a side of fries (Image: Mason Moore)

Unlike the previously mentioned Sisters veggie burger which was both vegetarian and vegan, ‘The Halloumi One’ is made with real Halloumi, only making it vegetarian.

This burger is also fairly priced at £6.95 – and the large halloumi slices justified it. The halloumi and tasty tomatoes literally made it a mouthwatering and rather juicy burger. It is topped with lettuce, pickles, crispy onion, and Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce.

I had remembered to order something to cool things down in case I couldn’t hack the Thai sauce on the packed bun. I used the cool ranch sauce and I would say this is my number one recommendation if you’re going to give any burgers a go with sauce.

The regular fries that came with both burgers were easy to eat. These weren’t your usually greasy and overly-salty chips, they were lightly salted and not very fatty at all.

A portion of regular fries will only set you back a small sum of £2.95, whilst going one size up to a large is just one pound extra, at £3.95.

What Vaughan ordered

Not having any idea of what the foods would be like, I got the chance to order from the main Sticky Sisters menu.

I opted for a bottle of Diet Coke to wash down the food which I assumed would be spicy from the get go because of the Thai sauce that came with my fries.

I was also excited to have the opportunity to sample the Mexican menu from El Taco Loco. But, it should be mentioned, the quesadillas that I ordered from the Mexican menu are not available to be ordered in-store, and are a delivery-only menu item.

Halloumi sticks with mixed leaf salad

Halloumi sticks with salad and Thai sauce (Image: Vaughan Moore)

To start, I ordered the halloumi sticks with mixed leaf salad from the main Sticky Sisters menu for my first bite to eat.

It was a decent-sized portion, and a filling one at that – and a Thai sweet chilli dip was included with my meal. I did have the ranch dressing with this, and it complimented it very well.

Mixed vegetable quesadillas

Secondly, I sampled a menu item from El Taco Loco, their Mexican ‘dark kitchen’ – the vegetarian quesadillas were still piping hot, and they did make for a filling meal.

Mixed vegetable quesadillas with Thai sauce and cool ranch (Image: Vaughan Moore)

Twix milkshake

Just like the Mexican food, this is another delivery app exclusive, but served under the Dirty Dog Shack name, which is their American-inspired online-only brand.

Finally, to finish, for dessert, I sampled a milkshake from the ‘Dirty Dog Shack’ – a Twix milkshake. It was delicious – and a very unique offering.

Overall, I was very satisfied with both the taste and the time it took from me placing my order to the food arriving to the table.

The three dark kitchen delivery-exclusive menus were a good offering of vegan and veggie foods, and the in-store Sticky Sisters menu was nice.

‘No-brainer’ to transform former Burger King

A spokesperson for the restaurant explained that it was a “no-brainer” to transform the former Burger King into the first Midlands branch for the Sticky Sisters, as that was owned by the same parent company, the Karali Group.

They further added: “We’re finding a way to build this as a Sticky Sisters and this marks our first location across the Midlands.”

Big deals on Sticky meals

They plan to help diners save some cash by offering big discounts on their meals.

One current promotion running in their other restaurants coming to town is a deal with Cineworld, where those with Cineworld tickets can present them for a discount.

They are attempting to join the Student Beans mobile app to reward local college and university students with a 20 per cent discount in-store.

Local police officers would be treated to free teas and coffees.

The ‘blue light card’ would be accepted and and the restaurant would even offer a veterans discount.

The chain also explained how they want to support local events going on across Hinckley where they can.

They further want to support local ‘womble’ litter picking groups by offering them free meals as a ‘thank you’ for dedicating their time to helping look after the local area.

Review: Andy Pierce’s powerful soul and reggae covers had Revival’s packed crowd singing along with him – and even chanting ‘yamas!’

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 17 April 2022

BURBAGE-BASED soul singer Andy Pierce treated patrons at Hinckley’s Revival bar on Regent Street to soul and reggae classics last night (16 April) – and he even had many raising their glasses whilst chanting “yamas!”, before holding an impromptu disco near the bar.

Pictured: Andy Pierce (Image: Mason Moore) / Inset (Image: Revival Hinckley)

The night was off to a flyer from the moment that Pierce picked up the microphone and started with the first song in his set of the night – his ever-popular, loud, and powerful rendition of “Soul Man” by Sam and Dave.

The soulful classic proved so popular so that many customers couldn’t resist joining in the fun and singing along with him.

This was then followed by a cover of Wilson Pickett’s “In The Midnight Hour”.

During the instrumental break of each song performed, Andy had encouraged crowd members to simultaneously chant “yamas!”, which is the Greek word for “cheers”, as they held their glasses in the air, before taking a sip of their drinks.

Throughout one song, he had to go and grab a spare piece of equipment from his car, but carried on with the performance – he headed outside with his microphone, encouraging those in rival Regent Street pubs and clubs to head to Revival instead.

Audience participation made the night all the more fun, and was welcomed, as throughout the chorus of Eddie Floyd’s “Knock on Wood”, many done just that – in time with Pierce – as he was singing: “Oh you better knock, knock – on wood, baby!”.

After this, Andy decided to ‘mix things up’ in his performance of “Stand By Me” by Ben E King, treating Revival to a unique medley, using the chorus of “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston, followed by part of the UB40 version of “Every Breath You Take”.

And, by the end of the night, punters had seemingly turned into clubbers, as they shown off their dance moves by dancing all together along to his covers of “I Got A Woman” by Ray Charles, as well as “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and The Wailers.

His unique medleys going together so swiftly show why he is a fantastic broadcaster for the BBC’s local radio station, BBC Radio Leicester, and proves to be a fan-favourite when he livestreams a ‘mic cam’ of his shows through video-sharing app, TikTok.

Pierce’s powerful singing voice perfectly demonstrates why he won Cyprus’ equivalent of the X-Factor – the ‘Search for a Star’ competition back in 2011.

Andy Pierce can be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and his website has a list of where he is next performing.

Revival can be ‘liked’ on Facebook and followed on Instagram for regular updates about their live music performers, comedy nights, resident drag queen Miss TuTu, and their club nights, and food menu.

Reviewed: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s ‘scarily good’ Halloween-themed Fearfest show at Revival

Mason Moore, Vaughan Moore & Chris Maxwell | 1 November 2021

“TRICK OR TREAT?” is the biggest question asked every Halloween – but Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s show at Revival, based on Regent Street, certainly was a treat for attendees.

Miss TuTu as a ‘corpse bride’ (Image: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo) / (Inset: Revival)

Miss TuTu presented Revival’s first-ever Halloween event, named “Fearfest”, which seen her dressed as a ‘corpse bride’, lip-sync routines, audience participation games, and a disco, which seen ticketholders dance their way into the late hours of the night.

The show started at 7.30pm and attendees marvelled at Miss TuTu’s dance and lip-sync routine to “Thriller”, which proved a hit in the opening segment – proving fans were in for a good night.

Notable others in attendance included Theresa May, David Bowie, zombies, skeletons, devils and angels, just to name a few.

Ticket prices and exclusive drinks

Regular tickets set customers back just £10.50, with ‘VIP’ tickets costing £14.99, just a £4.49 difference.

The VIP package gives people a guaranteed seat in the booths, a ‘shoutout’ in TuTu’s show, an alcoholic shot, and their photo going on the venue’s ‘big screen’ jumbotron.

Three new Halloween-week exclusive cocktails were available to order from using the table service ‘ordering blocks’ – these were named ‘Project X’, ‘Beetle Juice’, and ‘Witches Brew’, which cost £9.50 per drink.

‘Theresa May’ wins the booze

The only game to be held of the night was Miss TuTu’s game “The Human Mummies”, which seen four people in a team of two each, to see who could wrap their partner up using four rolls of toilet roll in the quickest time possible.

The first team, was made up of Andrew from Loughborough, who donned a fan-favourite ‘Theresa May’ outfit which was well-received with ticketholders, but TuTu sarcastically exclaimed: “You look a combination of Boris Johnson and Theresa May!”.

Andrew was partnered up with Lewis from Burbage, who was dressed as a skeleton – they managed to secure a victory over the opposing team, winning the Halloween cocktails and a punch bowl for members of their party on their table.

But, the opposition did not walk away empty-handed, as they managed to take a ‘birdcage’ of cocktails back to their table with them.

‘Throwback’ lip-sync routine

Showcasing her past times at Revival, TuTu performed ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears – the first song that she performed a lip-sync and dance routine to at her first show back in August.

This was shortly followed by the next lip-sync act at 7.57pm – “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé. The lip-sync transitioned into the 20 minute interval, which started at 8pm. The show continued after the interval, with revellers being lead in to a ‘time warp’.

Exclusive interview with TuTu

Speaking to the Free Press about the night, and her costume, Miss TuTu said: “Nate designed all [of] their costume with Sharpie and they designed my wedding dress too.

“I’ve been enjoying it – but was a bit nervous and have worked with it as my usual style is glam queer, but I’ve been embracing it [Halloween].

“The Halloween drinks will have people enjoying it too. New Year’s Eve (NYE) and 80’s tickets are on sale.”

Miss TuTu and Nate (Image: Mason Moore)

Finale and “Time Warp”

To end the main show, Ca-Choo, performed one last lip-sync routine to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

Following the lip-sync, revellers ‘time warped’ with TuTu using Little Neil’s aptly-named hit, “Time Warp”, before offering photo opportunities and a dance on the disco floor.

Writer’s view

Mason Moore, the Free Press’ Hinckley reporter, expressed his thoughts on the bar’s first themed show.

He explained: “Nobody would have suspected that Miss TuTu was ‘out of her comfort zone’, she warmed up to the Halloween atmosphere and gimmick really well over the course of the night and had got everybody in the mood for the ‘spooky season’.

“I tip my hat to the local drag legend, but my one and only critique of the night is that the show could have went just a bit longer before ‘time warping’ into the disco.

“A great night was had by all, especially me, and I will definitely be back.”

Chris Maxwell, an occasional contributor to the Free Press, explained: “The ‘Fearfest’ was a very high energy spooky theatrical experience.

“The loud music and dramatic performances tied with some mini games and made for another fun night at Revival.”

Going back to the 80’s

For those who were not able to attend the spooky goings on at the Regent Street-based venue, fear not, as tickets for Miss TuTu’s ‘80s special, which will be held on November 28, can be purchased on, or through Revival directly.

Reviewed: ‘The Soul Man’ Andy Pierce’s debut show at Revival Hinckley (Saturday, October 23, 2021)

Andrew Punshon | Guest Writer | 24 October 2021

HINCKLEY’S Revival bar enjoyed a fantastic first on Saturday night when Andy Pierce – The Soul Man made his debut at the venue in front of an enraptured and wonderfully loud audience.

Andy Pierce in action (Image: Andrew Punshon) / Inset (Image: Revival)

Andy, who is based just up the road in Burbage, raised the audience’s expectations with a backing tape featuring the theme from Shaft, before hitting the stage with his very own theme tune, the highly appropriate Soul Man.

Soul, blues, and reggae then followed in an inspirational mix which saw the audience getting in on the act at the venue which is proudly bringing live music to the town, encouraged by Andy’s infectious personality over the course of more than 20 highly recognisable tunes with plenty of dancing on show.

Numbers included She Caught the Katy, Kingston Town, Stand By Me, Three Little Birds, My Girl, Dock Of The Bay, Kingston Town and an emotional reading of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song.

One of the many highlights of the night at the Regent Street bar was Andy’s tribute to The Drifters, with a trio of the vocal legends’ best-known hits, which included Under the Boardwalk, Save The Last Dance For Me and Up On The Roof. 

Andy of course is no stranger to the stage having spent more than two decades in the business, and featuring in BBC One’s All Together Now as part of the 100, a panel of music experts and performers.

He also hosts his own show on BBC Radio Leicester and was part of Cyprus’s renowned club scene for many years, winning the country’s version of X Factor, Search For A Star in 2011 and has taken numerous leading roles in pantomime at The Civic hall in Bedworth in front of thousands of patrons.

But all good things and gigs come to an end, and after two hours’ worth of top-quality singing enjoyed by a large audience, the Soul Man was gone….but he’ll be back! Cheers Andy, or should we say “yamas!”

Andy will hopefully be back at Revival soon and for further information about him go to

And for details of future events at Revival see:

Review: Doug Carter’s Comedy Club entertains all as crowds roar with laughter

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 5 October 2021

HINCKLEY’S Revival bar, located on Regent Street, held their first ever Comedy Club show two nights’ ago night (3 October), exclusively for ticketholders, which was arranged by Bedworth-based comedian Doug Carter and seen a total of three comics perform.

Poster for Doug Carter’s Comedy Night (Image: Revival)

Scottish comedian and actress, Rachel Jackson, opened the show, making light of many of her unfortunately true experiences, such as being ‘dumped’ the Christmas before the first lockdown, being signed out of her ex-boyfriend’s Netflix at the height of the pandemic on the first day of the first lockdown, and the struggles that singletons faced being ‘locked down’ three times.

Show compère and MC, Doug Carter then warmed up the crowd ready for the second act to take to the stage.

Carter spoke of his childhood, how it was for him growing up in Bedworth – ‘the town that gets picked on’ by all the other towns nearby.

He then proceeded to speak about his ever-growing fascination with the modern day “roadman” ‘lingo’ – and how youngsters can quickly change back into speaking in their normal accents when not surrounded by their peers.

Next up was Adam Hughes – a fan-favourite – the beloved bearded Scouser spoke about being a father, parenting, how ‘he has looked the same since sixth-form’, and how he was ‘mistaken for the IT technician’ by his teachers.

Finally, after the last interval, headline act Eddy Brimson, came out to a roaring round of applause as cheers and ‘woos’ filled the room.

Brimson told of how international audiences have a ‘rather different’ sense of humour to his jokes, which he has told abroad before, leaving two audience members baffled ‘as to what the punchline was’, because his style of humour did not translate.

He further spoke about his dating life, how he and his partner get on together, what it is like for men to try and date in the modern day, the differences between men and women, and ‘awkward’ adult experiences and how he previously handled them.

Only one audience member tried their hand at heckling, which was strictly warned against before the show had started, but, they were quickly quietened by the fast-to-act comic, who brushed it off and carried on with the show.

My thoughts and rating

I went in to the show with an open mind  – and I’m glad I did – because I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I was relived to find that all of the comics knew exactly how to work with the audience and keep them entertained throughout the night.

They picked up on what jokes were working and what material wasn’t being as well-received – and didn’t stress once if a joke did fall on deaf ears – as not all jokes will be relatable.

Carter ensured that hecklers would not be tolerated at the start of the show and after the one incident through Brimson’s set, I’m sure this rule will once again be echoed louder and clearer than this time, when the next show is held in the future.

Comics performed in front of the bar and the rule was decided by event organisers that the bar would be ‘out of bounds’ whilst they were performing their stand-up routines, but a clever compromise was made as a solution, which was the introduction of ‘beer pitchers’ filled with Coors Light and Carling, priced at £12 per pitcher.

Those who prefer sweeter drinks were able to help themselves to a ‘birdcage’ of cocktails as well as glass ‘teapots’ filled to the top with cocktails.

I would give this show a solid five out of five stars – no complaints here – really well put together, and it really shows that the performers are able to work under pressure when hecklers do try and start – and they know how to help newcomers, like myself, have a great first experience.

Future show and Doug Carter’s reaction

Exclusively speaking to the Free Press, Doug Carter and a Revival spokesperson both confirmed that a show is in the works for some time in December – just two months away.

Doug Carter, said: “I don’t think it could have gone better.

“The demographics show that we’ve had young-to-old ticketholders in attendance.

“Everyone was on board – 50 per cent of those in attendance had never been to a comedy show before, but all enjoyed themselves.

“In the next show, which is being planned for December, we will have brand new acts.

“I will still serve as the MC for the December show and the show after, but after that I will bring in MC’s.”

Review: Miss TuTu’s Disney quiz night at Hinckley’s Revival bar

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 20 September 2021

MALEFICENT, Cruella, Princess Jasmine, Belle and Elsa were a few of the iconic Disney characters spotted on Regent Street in Hinckley last night (19 September), all as a result of Hinckley-based drag queen Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s ‘Disney’ quiz night for Revival revellers.

Miss TuTu as Maleficent (Image: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo) / Disney logo (Image: Shop Disney)

A Disney quiz night was first announced as the theme for this month’s event by Miss TuTu herself when she hosted her first drag show at Revival last month, which gave attendees time to prepare and don their Disney outfits to look like characters from big screen classics.

TuTu Ca-Choo was dressed as Maleficent, Disney’s dark villain and self-proclaimed ‘Mistress of Evil’ – she was quick to welcome those who caught her debut performance last month, as well as first-time attendees.

There was high demand for the event, with some attendees lining up at the door last minute to get their hands on last-minute tickets, and mostly packed tables inside, consisting of four people or more sitting around quizzing together in a group effort.

The ‘fishy’ and sassy drag queen’s show was combined with her unpredictable moves in her dance routines, quick-witted banter, and, of course, lip-syncing performances.

Contests, cocktails and games

Throughout the night, a contest was held to decide which attendees were the ‘best-dressed’, which was ultimately won by “Peter Pan’s Shadow” and Hocus Pocus villains “The Sanderson Sisters” – prizes included Standees, cocktails, socks and keyrings.

Patrons had a lot of choice when it came to cocktails – the signature ‘Miss TuTu’ Cocktail made a return, along with the chance to purchase some Disney-themed cocktails, that were available for one night only.

Two quizzes were held – the first being a 15-question general knowledge all about the Disney franchise and films, the second being a 20-question total music quiz where 30 second soundbites of soundtrack songs were played which had to be identified.

You did not have to be a Disney expert to take part – some teams scored lower than 20 points out of the 50 total, but still tried out the new exclusive cocktails, dressed up, and had stayed to watch Ca-Choo’s exciting and hilarious themed set.

In true TuTu fashion, a suggestive ‘adult’ game was held, which seen two teams passing balloons between their legs without the use of their hands, making it fun for all involved and humorous for all on-lookers.

This drew similarities to her first show last month which featured a game that which seen two players take part in a ‘balloon popping’ game where one player sat down and the other sat on top them, on top of a balloon, in a bid to pop it and win points.

Audience reaction

Chris Maxwell, an occasional contributor to the Free Press, attended the event and took part in both quizzes, joining forces with the Free Press’ Editorial Team, scoring a grand total of 28 out of 50 – and he even took part in TuTu’s aforementioned game.

Speaking to the Free Press about the night, Chris Maxwell, said: “I enjoyed the whole night all round. The quiz went pretty well, a score of 28 out of 50 is better than nothing, over half way! I really enjoyed seeing Miss TuTu live.”

Halloween night announced

During the night, TuTu also exclusively revealed that the next time she visits Revival will be for a Halloween special night (Sunday 31 October), with tickets becoming available in ‘the next few weeks’ at the time of publication.

Merchandise and payments

In addition to photos with TuTu, patrons also had the chance to purchase some merchandise – a mug or keyring, with PayPal also now being accepted as a form of payment.

This meant that more customers, who do not carry cash and only use virtual card payments and digital payments, were able to buy merchandise following photo opportunities, unlike on her debut event last month which was cash only.

Miss TuTu’s dance routines really were filled with ‘Disney magic’ and managed to make the crowds marvel at her lip-syncing and dance routines.

In the finale, which was a lip-sync performance to the hit song “Let it Go”, from the original Frozen movie soundtrack, Miss TuTu copied Elsa the Ice Queen from the movie, by ‘making it snow’ and spraying crowd members with fake snow.

If you’re looking for some live entertainment on Halloween, look no further than the Revival bar.

Filled with fancy dress, fun, and Halloween-themed banter, this isn’t a night to miss – and TuTu knows how to sell tickets quick, so get them as soon as they come out – the Free Press will definitely be making a comeback for the next event.

You can ‘Like’ TuTu on Facebook here for updates on any further shows.

Review: Miss TuTu ‘wowed’ crowds in her debut drag show at Revival

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 16 August 2021

MISS TUTU Ca-Choo was the talk of the town in Hinckley last night (15 August) as she made history with the first-ever drag show in Revival’s 10 month history, which proved a hit with revellers.

The night was kicked off at 7.30pm by Ca-Choo opening the show with a dance performance to a ‘mix’ of “Toxic” by Britney Spears, ‘wowing’ crowds who then gave a well-received round of applause and lots of cheers.

Many revellers clapped and cheered whilst she danced and playfully teased unsuspecting ticketholders at tables, who weren’t expecting TuTu to ‘target’ them and get up close and personal.

Revival’s new resident drag queen Miss TuTu (Supplied: Harry Underwood)

Crowds were delighted to see TuTu at the sold out ticket-only show after her two year hiatus of being unable to perform as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well she handled crowds after her break from performing.

It really goes to show that she is truly a natural who knows how to work with crowds, especially in the current climate, as social distancing was encouraged in one activity later in the night, refraining from any Covid-19 jokes directly.

‘Covid’ was only mentioned as one of the topics which she was not allowed to joke about, as some people may not have received them well, which she knew.

Fun and games

The savage and sassy Miss TuTu asked where everyone was from and jokingly mocked each place mentioned, namely Hinckley, Nuneaton, Barwell and Wykin.

She then tried to find the ‘loudest’ group of people at Revival in different sections – those at the left, centre and right of the venue, poking fun at those in the left-hand corner of the room as they were ‘the smallest crowd’ of them all.

Miss TuTu wows patrons in her opening routine (Mason Moore / HFP)

The first game of the night was then played by audience members who volunteered to take part in a bid to win some new cocktails – the Miss TuTu cocktail and the Afternoon Tea cocktail.

The game involved popping balloons in an adult fashion – which seen one volunteer sit in a chair whilst another tried to pop the balloon on their lap by sitting on top of the balloon in the fastest time, to win the drinks.

Attendees were treated to dances and lip-syncing routines to two popular pop hits – “Womanizer” by Britney Spears and “When I Grow Up” by The Pussycat Dolls.

One more game was then held – “Go Fetch”, which entailed two audience members having to ‘fetch’ different items in order to win cocktails or a T-shirt – with items being a bra, false teeth, a make-up mirror, and lipstick.

The activities made crowds chuckle and roar with cheers of laughter.

Meet and greet

The show officially ended at 9.30pm, but attendees remained seated and finished their drinks and socialised with others.

Photo opportunities started approximately 20 minutes later at 9.55pm, where ‘limited stock’ of T-shirts were available, which sold out.

Sadly, no card payments were available to buy merchandise, otherwise I would have bought some myself, but this could easily be resolved through PayPal or Cash App, instead of buying a card reader just for future events.

Future event

At the end of the night, a Disney-themed event was confirmed by Ca-Choo, which will be held in September, but as of the time of publication (16 August), the date is yet to be confirmed through a Facebook announcement.

But, after tonight, I can most definitely say that I’ll be in attendance for the Disney event and I can’t wait to see what Miss TuTu has planned for it!

Audience reaction

Our Nuneaton Reporter, Vaughan Moore, who has never previously witnessed a TuTu performance, said: “I didn’t know what to expect at first, but from the second I sat down and seen Miss TuTu start the show, I felt very comfortable with what the night would entail.”

Two attendees told the Free Press that they particularly enjoyed the amount of audience participation – specifically the socially-distanced conga line which went around the Highcross Building, where Revival is located.

They explained: “I really enjoyed the audience participation, especially the socially-distanced conga, as many on-lookers from other pubs watched on and were intrigued as to what was taking place.

“It had given the Revival bar some really good attention from those watching on at other venues nearby”.

A Revival staff member, who wished to remain unnamed, said: “I thought it was amazing.

“We were even wowed when Harry Underwood (Miss TuTu) came in practicing for his microphone, sound and costume check at 4pm.

“I enjoyed it all and the diversity and difference in Hinckley. All were welcome, especially those who were gay, bisexual, lesbian and members of the LGBTIQA+ community.

“It was a nice atmosphere for everyone and I’ll definitely be back to visit the Disney event next month.”

Review: Drag night a success as drag queen ‘Burns’ all in The New Baron

REVIEW: Mason Moore | MEDIA: Chris Maxwell

LAST NIGHT I attended the first drag show in history at The New Baron of Hinckley alongside my fill in co-reporter, Chris Maxwell, and I can honestly say I was treated to a fantastic performance from the Leicestershire-based drag queen, Fanny Burns.

I was a massive fan of the cut-throat banter and audience interaction throughout the show and the digs, burns and roasts just kept coming – they were nonstop and that was hilarious. The audience knew exactly what they were signing up for when they stepped through those front doors.

What I found even funnier was the fact the audience members knew that they were targets if they got up from their seats at any point when it was not the break, like to order a drink or go off to the toilets.

From here on, they had either intentionally, or unintentionally set themselves up from that point onwards as the next proverbial ‘prime targets’ for Fanny to roast!

Fanny describes herself as “unpolitically correct” and this was evident last night where she split the audience into two halves – one side of the room being the ‘posh’ side of the room whilst the other side were called the ‘council’ side of the room, however the audience took this in good spirit.

One of the jokes that stood out was: “I want a photo with you lot in the [censored] interval, I can’t believe I’ve met so many guests of Jeremy Kyle in one room. Honestly, I am starstruck.”

Burns had selected a wide array of songs in her playlist from the eighties to the modern day era.

Burns choosing a song from her playlist (Chris Maxwell for Notizie)

There was an audience participation game in the show named “The Advert Game” where Fanny created a game by singing around three or four television advertisement jingles and catchphrases to try and estimate the ages of the people in the attendance, where she jokingly poked fun at the different age groups.

She joked about the pronunciation of the town name and one of the running jokes of the night was the fact she would intentionally make sure she pronounced the town name as “Inckleh” rather than “Hinckley”. Fanny joked how “there is no ‘H’ on the word “Hinckley’”.

Personally, I did not find a time where I felt uncomfortable or out of my comfort zone, I took to the drag queen’s sense of humour quite easily and quickly.

If you are a very politically correct person, you may find the banter and audience interaction in this maybe a little rude and impolite.

I can reassure you that it is all light-hearted banter and the drag queen is trying to have some fun with the audience about society and its troubles and worries.

I found this to be a really good thing to do as the public needs to know that they can still make light of the situations and topics we face day-to-day and it’s okay to laugh every now and again.

I would say for an event with free attendance it was fun, easy to get used to and follow along with. I would most definitely recommend watching Fanny’s drag show if she ever performs in your area.

If you missed the event and want to give it a go, Fanny will be making a comeback to the venue sooner than later where she will be hosting the first drag bingo event at The New Baron on Thursday 6 February at 7.30 pm.

For those unaware of the concept, drag bingo is simply a bingo night hosted by a drag queen.

All thoughts expressed inside of this review are solely my own personal thoughts and opinions. These do not reflect that of Notizie as a news brand, website, platform, or media entity.

Thanks to Chris Maxwell for filling in as a co-reporter for Notizie for the night and taking the accompanying media for the article. You can find him on and

Review: HDPS Exhibition in the Atkins Building

Yesterday, on 24 January 2020, Notizie co-reporter Adam Clarke and I paid a visit to the Hinckley and District Photographic Society’s exhibition, located in the Atkins Building.

Mason Moore, Notizie Co-Founder and Reporter feels that ‘the event showcases the true passion put in by the hard-working photographers taking appealing photographs for their audience.’

He also adds: “I also think that the group have captured some extraordinary photographs and they deserve the few extra days they have been given by the building. This will allow for more visitors to come and view their photos at the exhibition.”

Adam Clarke, Notizie Co-Founder and Reporter, believes the extension of the event will allow more people to ‘appreciate and enjoy the marvellous photography on display’.

Photographs that stood out to us as visitors are listed below.

Mason Moore’s photo reviews

Ray Dallywater has taken a spectacular photograph titled “Overflow” featuring the vibrant colours of the treetops bouncing off the reflection of the river beneath them. I like how this photograph was composed and it is a remarkably effective style.

I found the use of black and white in the modern day rather fascinating on Graham Holt’s “Christchurch College in Oxford”. This works really well on buildings made out of black and white wooden beams.

It showcases architecture from the olden-day era yet the moss growing on the side of the building represents the fact that the building is still modern, alive and well. I like how the colours of the white clouds colour co-ordinate nicely with the black and white filter of the image.

Adam Clarke’s photo reviews

Ray Dallywater’s piece, “Dark Hedges” particularly stood out to me. It looks quite eerie with only one person in sight, this only makes the atmosphere more mysterious.

I feel that if I were there in person, I would feel rather uneasy. However, the photograph itself has been captured in a rather effective yet creepy manner.

“Eilean Donan Castle” by Martyn Fisher reminded me of times gone by as a former historic castle has now sadly turned into a pile of rubble and ruins. It makes me think of how magnificent this castle may have been when it once stood.

“Ruddy Darter” by Martyn Fisher, is a divine picture of a dragonfly resting on a twig. The visitors would be able to see the dragonfly is perfect detail, and truly appreciate one of nature’s gifts.

Another photo that particularly impressed me was “Hartshill Hayes” by John Shilladay. The centrepiece of this photograph is a chopped down tree in the middle of a forest.

To me, the lone stump symbolises death and abandonment, and the choice to take this photo in black and white, therefore removing the green, could hint at the impending death of the environment and metaphorical loss of colour.