New name, same team – welcome to Hinckley Free Press

We would like to announce to our readers that we have underwent a rebrand.

As of today (8 March), we have chosen to publish under our new name, Hinckley Free Press.

Our new visual identity (Hinckley Free Press)

We have rebranded the website to reflect that the site truly is Free Press in the area of Hinckley, and that the site has no owner or parent company, which prides itself on being a student-based group of contributors.

We have kept our team of writers and contributors the same, the only difference to our site is just the rebrand.

You will continue to see all the latest articles from us, just under our new visual identity and name from hereon.

We strive ourselves on being a free news site with user-submitted content from students in the area at the Hinckley College campus.

In the future, we hope to explore the idea of a working with other Colleges who run Journalism courses in the UK and accepting submissions from outside contributors.

Despite being called Hinckley Free Press, we will still report on village news and news in the Nuneaton areas.

The site is no longer operating under the Notizie Newsdesk name and shall only be referred to in our archived article copies to reflect the time we did operate under that name.

All of our old articles are available on the website for anybody who wishes to read them.