Burbage BBC Radio Leicester presenter’s show being axed in shake-up – final episode on Sunday

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 3 November 2023

A BURBAGE-based BBC Radio Leicester presenter has officially confirmed he will be holding his last radio show for the station this Sunday (5 November).

Andy Pierce (Image: BBC)

The news was confirmed on TikTok LIVE through a video simulcast of his show last Sunday (29 October) titled ‘The Penultimate Broadcast’, where Andy confirmed to his thousands of followers that the BBC are axing his show as ‘a cost-cutting measure’.

When asked by the Hinckley Free Press on LIVE about any plans to go commercial, Andy said he is not actively looking to head straight to commercial radio at present.

Responding to one of his Facebook follower and listeners, who raised the question of whether the decision was made in unison with the restructuring and centralisation of the BBC, he simply stressed: “It is indeed the new world”.

Andy’s last show will take place on Sunday, 5 November, at 2pm, and it will wrap up for the final time at 6pm. You can listen to it at this link using BBC Sounds.

On Facebook, he reminded listeners of his last show, saying it is a ‘sad time’, and told them they can send in ‘goodbye’ messages to be played on the air, on the day.

It reads: “As you may know, Sunday 5th November, 2 to 6 pm, is my last show on BBC Radio Leicester.

“It’s a sad time. It’s been amazing, I’ve interviewed so many great people doing brilliant things, and I’d like to offer this to anyone that has been on my show, or that listens.

“If you want the chance to be heard on my final show, email over a goodbye voice note to andyp@bbc.co.uk and I’ll play as many of your goodbye messages as I can.

“Thank you for all your support the last five years, I’ve been so honoured to do a job that I have loved so much!”

While he is now stepping out the radio booth for the time being, he is not stepping out of the local limelight at all. In fact, he has recently launched his own registered charity called The Pierce Perspective, helping to make a difference to those in Burbage.

It focuses on promoting mental health, wellbeing, gardening, sustainability, and positivity. Commenting on these charity values previously, Andy said: “Together, we can explore these topics, share valuable insights, and inspire positive change.”

3 thoughts on “Burbage BBC Radio Leicester presenter’s show being axed in shake-up – final episode on Sunday

  1. So sorry to hear this Andy. Thanks for all you have done for us at Concordia Theatre over the last few years and for the opportunity you have given us to spread our word. Every good wish to you. Judy Peatfield – Theatre Publicity Officer

  2. Another casualty of Radio Leicester’s stupidity. Their ridiculous cost-cutting is driving listeners away in their droves.
    I’ve listened to Radio Leicester for 30 years, but their programmes are rubbish now they’re axing these superb presenters, and I’ve switched to a different station.

    1. It’s not Radio Leicester’s stupidity, but the BBCs.
      Nationally, many much loved presenters have lost their shows as part of cost cutting and now the BBC are networking programmes from areas outside the locality, devoid of local connections. The situation really is a travesty, and the move will turn more people away from local radio which will gradually become unviable and cease.

      Ken Bruce left Radio 2, he was the lifeblood of many people’s mornings, and now R2 has lost millions of listeners, as they’ve been left musically homeless. Some followed to Greatest Hits but are sick of the adverts.

      Tamper with established presenters at your peril, BBC. This mess is of their creation.

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