Demolition plans for dilapidated Nuneaton pub which has sat untouched for 23 years

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 25 October 2023

A DILAPIDATED former Nuneaton pub which has sat empty for 23 years, and was last used as a makeshift cannabis factory could soon be demolished, new plans reveal.

The Kingsholme could be knocked down (Image: Google)

New planning permission lodged by Lee Ward of Hinckley-based architects Haywards shows that the long-untouched pub, which has been subject to many fires over the years, and even being illegally used as a cannabis farm, could be bulldozed.

The planning permission documents were quietly registered with Nuneaton and Bedworth borough council’s online planning portal back on Friday, 13 October.

At the time of publication, all that is known is that they want the pub to be pulled down. No details have yet came to light on what would be situated on the land.

Apart from the application form, there is only one other detailed document, simply confirming that safety fencing, ‘construction zone’ signs, and all the other necessary safety precautions which would have to be put in place anyway, will be installed.

The council’s team of planners have an internal target decision date set for Friday, 8 December, giving them a total of six weeks and two days to think the plans over.

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