Navaratri ‘embraced wholeheartedly’ by Oadby and Wigston’s Hindu community

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 October 2023

MEMBERS of Oadby and Wigston’s Hindu community came together to celebrate the vibrant and joyous festival of Navaratri.

Publicity photo showing the MP, council workers and police (Image: OWBC)

According to the BBC, Navaratri marks ‘one of the most important days’ in the Hindu calendar, where they come together to celebrate the nine-day-long festival of Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahishasura.

An Oadby and Wigston borough council spokesperson said the significant occasion has been ’embraced wholeheartedly’ and cherished locally, helping to showcase “the essence of unity in diversity”.

Tory Member of Parliament for Harborough, Oadby and Wigston, Neil O’Brien, headed on down to the celebrations, alongside borough council Chief Executive, Anne Court, who participated in various tasks during the event, underscoring the spirit of togetherness.

In addition, Council Leader Samia Haq, and councillors Kamal Ghattoraya and Naveed Alam, and PCSO Harks Sanghera, added to the festivities, joining hands with the community in celebration.

The borough council spokesperson added: “This year’s Navratri celebrations in Oadby and Wigston have illuminated the true essence of multiculturalism at its finest. The community stands as a testament to the power of unity, diversity, and the spirit of togetherness that enriches the fabric of our society.”

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