Hinckley property developer and publican to make appearance on new BBC Two series Crazy Rich Agents

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 28 July 2023

PROPERTY DEVELOPER and publican of Hinckley’s former Wetherspoons pub, Nirad Solanki, is set to appear on a new four-part BBC Two series premiering next Sunday.

Nirad Solanki will appear on the show. (Image: LinkedIn)

He will make an appearance on Crazy Rich Agents, produced by Plum Pictures and Diga Studios, which will air on Sunday, 6 August, and document the ‘behind the scenes’ hustle of real estate brokers who snap up some of the “most expensive and luxurious” properties, then take them to market, to pocket a large profit.

The Daily Mail reported that one of the brokers is former building society worker, Krishan ‘Krish’ Mistry, who sold Nirad’s Leicestershire mansion as his first property two years ago, after Krish made friends with Solanki in an “unusual” way, by climbing over his gate and knocking his door, before they got to know each other.

Nirad made the news of his appearance known through a social media statement.

He said: “Me and my boy (Krish Mistry) are going on BBC from next Sunday – follow us on a four-part series on BBC called Crazy Rich Agents next Sunday from 9pm!”

Speaking to the Hinckley Free Press, Nirad added: “The opportunity that Krishan was presented with was a once in a lifetime to go on the show and share his passion for real estate.

“I had some new real estate requirements post COVID after some major mergers and acquisitions I made through our holding company and due to a major change in personal circumstances.

“The experience was exhilarating and the properties that were shown were immense. I took Krishan on as my personal real estate broker as he can acquire real estate that isn’t even on the market and be able to seek far and beyond which in my busy life I just don’t have the time to do!

“Hats off to Krishan Mistry he is a solid example of determination, vision and tenacity to his peers. Watch us both on the 2nd episode on the 13th August on BBC at 9pm.”

Max Gogarty, BBC’s Commissioning Editor, said the series will offer “a unique insight into the booming luxury property market in the UK”, and that “it will show the highs and lows of working in this world for the young agents that are trying to make it.”

Viewers will be able to watch every episode of the series using their BBC iPlayer accounts on the same day that the initial episode airs on BBC Two.

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