SoundWaves music competition finalist to take centre stage at Nuneaton’s HMV this Saturday

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 27 July 2023

NUNEATON native and SoundWaves finalist, Matthew Hickman, is to take centre stage with a live performance at HMV inside the Ropewalk starting from 2pm this Saturday (27 July).

Matthew will be at HMV on Saturday (Image: Matthew Hickman)

The singer-songwriter, aged 25, who performs as “Matth.U”, discovered his singing voice in high school, where he made a pact with himself to “write words and turn them into lyrics” as a coping method, instead of responding to name-calling bullies.

He is signed to talent management firm Sofia Management, and in past times, has provided music to Triple Scoop Music, who help their clients get songs featured on TV and Netflix, and have worked with a number of Grammy nominated artists before.

Back in 2021, Matthew made headlines when music discovery website Music Crowns described his cover of Faouzia’s “Tears of Gold” as ‘simply beautiful’ and ‘rousing’.

He was named a finalist of this year’s annual Rugby’s Got Talent competition earlier this month, and will be performing as a finalist at the Soundwaves Music Competition at Birmingham’s branch of O2 Academy on Saturday, 2 September.

His manager, Sophia Spencer, told the Free Press: “Matth.U is a fabulous client always working to better himself and create new material. He finds new ways to be even more creative than the previous song and pushes himself to make it heard.

“He has a really good following, performs all over, and enters competitions where he can. Matth.U will be a star – he has the talent, energy, and focus, and we are fully behind him.”

Those looking to listen to some of his work ahead of time can stream his singles “Just Fight It”, “Dreaming Awake” and “Sweeet Time” through Apple Music and Spotify. Additionally, you can watch the music video to “Jelly” on his YouTube channel.

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