New Android update responsible for 25% increase in accidental 999 calls, Leicestershire Police warn

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 26 June 2023

LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE have reported a 25 per cent increase in ‘pocket dial’ calls to 999, following a recent Android phone update – but urged those who accidentally make one to stay on the line, and to let officers know that there is no emergency.

An operator answering 999 calls (Image: Leicestershire Police)

Their Contact Management Department have been taking “hundreds” more accidental calls daily, over the span of two weeks, since ‘SOS mode’ was introduced in an update, which sees the emergency services called after the user hits the side button five times.

In a social media statement, a spokesperson for Leicestershire Police explained: “We take every 999 call extremely seriously, meaning if nobody responds when we answer, we work immediately to trace the call, to get in touch, and ensure the caller is okay.

“If your phone does make an accidental 999 call and we answer, don’t just hang up. Please stay on the line and tell us what has happened.

“You can help us reduce demand into our phone lines so we can speak to those who really need us in an emergency. Please ensure your phones, particularly Samsung phones, have the latest updates.”

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