Nuneaton Police dish out ‘Section 59’ warnings after off-road motorbikes rode inside park

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 10 April 2023

NUNEATON POLICE have issued a warning after off-road motorbikes were being rode inside a park.

Stock image (Image: Pixabay)

Earlier this week (6 April), residents at the Buttermere Park and St. Nicolas Park area of Nuneaton contacted the force after noticing that off-road motorbikes were being rode inside the park.

Officers were quick to act as they responded to the report, where they attended a keepers address and dished out a ‘Section 59 warning’ to the occupants, which allows police to give drivers a warning if they have used their vehicle in a manner that causes “alarm, distress or annoyance.”

And, if it is used in anti-social behaviour setting again in the future, it will be seized.

They stressed to the occupants that whilst the bikes are electric, they are still illegal to ride on any public road or pathway, like e-scooters.

Now, in a social media statement, a force spokesperson has urged people to ride their bikes ‘safely and responsibly’.

They said: “Warwickshire police will always engage and educate the persons responsible, and enforce the law by seizing the vehicles if warnings are not adhered too.

“Please ride safely and responsibly, if you want to know more about where you can ride, please contact us at Nuneaton Police Station online or on 101.”

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