Alberto Costa MP pledges his support for local pubs

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 11 March 2023

SOUTH LEICESTERSHIRE’S MP, Alberto Costa, has pledged support for the ‘Long Live the Local’ campaign, in a bid to help pubs and breweries in the area ‘recover and thrive’.

Alberto Costa (Image: Parliament UK)

He has joined over 170,000 people – including 303 signees from South Leicestershire – urging the Government to ‘reduce the burden’ of taxation on brewers and pubs.

In a statement, Alberto said businesses still recovering from the pandemic “have been thrown head first into an energy crisis, combined with ongoing inflation across supply chains”, which he says is having a ‘devastating impact’ on brewers and pubs in communities in the country.

Pubs and breweries in the area support 1785 jobs and contribute £45.2m to the local economy. With one in every three pounds spent in UK pubs going directly to the Treasury.

Alberto further said: “Pubs are at the heart of communities across South Leicestershire, throughout the pandemic they demonstrated great resilience and innovation, however the aftershock of the pandemic combined with the energy price and cost of living crises means many pubs remain at risk.

“I am supporting the Long Live the Local campaign and calling on the Chancellor to consider reducing the burden of taxation on pubs and brewers.”

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association. said: “The Long Live the Local Campaign not only celebrates the important role pubs play in Britain but also seeks to remind people that we cannot take them for granted.

“That is why we are calling on the Government to invest in pubs and breweries through the reform of the unfair tax burden – specifically lower VAT and business rates for pubs and extending the freeze on beer duty.

“This will help pubs and brewers thrive in coming years. The growth will create more connected and vibrant communities and local investment. Vital employment ensures our rich pub and brewing heritage continues for future generations to enjoy.”

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