South Leicestershire MP backs proposed ban on laughing gas

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 February 2023

SOUTH LEICESTERSHIRE MP, Alberto Costa, has backed a Government proposal to ban the sale and possession of laughing gas.

Laughing gas (Image: Copyright Unknown)

It comes after the Home Office recently commissioned a report into the harm caused by nitrous oxide – with the Government bringing forward the results of the report with a view to banning the possession and use of the canisters for those without a ‘legitimate’ reason, such as the culinary and healthcare sectors.

Alberto has given his support to the proposed ban due to the health risks which are associated with nitrous oxide, as well as the associated Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) that often accompanies its use.

And at present, the Psychoactive Substances Act bans the ‘knowing or reckless supply of nitrous oxide for inhalation’.

Commenting his supported on the proposed ban, Alberto Costa MP, said: “I very much support the Government’s plans to ban the sale and the possession of laughing gas therefore ensuring that anyone caught using or distributing these canisters can be prosecuted.

“Constituents have long contacted my office concerned at the volume of discarded nitrous canisters that are often found on rural roads and near playgrounds, and therefore there is clearly an environmental element to this too.

The health dangers of nitrous oxide are also well publicised, as is the anti-social behaviour that is associated with the use of “laughing gas and therefore, I think it is high time that this substance is banned for recreational use and I will be supporting the Government’s on this important matter”.

Coun. Jon Bateman, Harborough District Councillor (Con, Misterton), added, “I am very pleased to see that the Government is considering banning nitrous oxide.”

He concluded: “Judging by the number of canisters our waste contractor collects from open areas with the District, there is clearly an issue with misuse which links into Anti-Social Behaviour. I fully support the Government’s stance on this issue.”

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