O2’s phone shop relocates in Nuneaton town centre

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 23 November 2022

A MOBILE PHONE retailer have relocated in Nuneaton town centre.

O2’s new location in Market Place (Image: Mason Moore)

A spokesperson for O2 confirmed to the Hinckley Free Press that the doors to their original branch near F. Hinds jewellers closed for good last Thursday (17 November), and they have been trading from their new premises since last Friday (18 November).

‘Ghost sign’

While there are currently no signs as to what the next lease of life may be for their original location, eagle-eyed town goers have managed to spot a ‘ghost sign’ for BT Cellnet, which has been hidden underneath the O2 storefront signage for years.

BT Cellnet was first launched in 1999 and lasted until May 2001. It took on the new branding and identity of O2 from 2002, when BT made the call to rebrand Cellnet.

A ‘ghost sign’ is now visible at O2’s former shop (Image: Mason Moore)

The unit has not yet been listed on any property websites at the time of publication (23 November).

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