Warning as cold callers seen on prowl across Middlefield Lane in Hinckley, with one elderly resident conned out of cash

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 27 October 2022

PERSISTENT doorstop sellers have alarmed residents in the Middlefield Lane area of Hinckley after trying to sell goods to them in a rather “intimidating manner”, with elderly woman conned out of her money in the recent spate of incidents.

Middlefield Lane in Hinckley (Image: Google Street View)

Many living local have recently notified Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) of the nuisance cold callers and their ‘intimidating’ sales tactics.

And today (Thursday, 27 October), the borough council has responded with advice.

They have urged residents to ‘be aware of scammers selling fake goods’, advise friends and family who are also local, and call the police’s non-emergency number of 101 if they are in any doubt.

Hinckley council are now working with Hinckley Police officers to put an end to the persistent cold calls for good, as they are in the process of being investigated.

Some residents have commented on their experiences with the cold callers.

One stressed how a male wedged a bag in an elderly woman’s door to make a sale, acted pushy, and duped her out of money for unwanted goods.

They recalled: “There was an incident yesterday (Wednesday, 26 October) where a man intimidated an elderly lady in the area and wedged his bag in the door so she was unable to close it. Unfortunately he conned her out of money for crappy goods.”

Another also mentioned a salesman making sales with a bag – notably a long and black bag hanging off of his shoulder.

They said: “We had someone ring our Ring doorbell he got a BIG long black bag carrying on his shoulder. We never answer our door. He seemed a bit dodgy – I wonder if it’s the same person or people. Just be aware people!”

Someone else was targeted by them a total of three times, acting aggressive once upon their doorstep.

They explained: “Someone has been aggressively trying to sell me something that didn’t work thrice previously”.

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