Benito’s permanently close Hinckley town centre branch without warning

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 30 September 2022

MEXICAN RESTAURANT chain Benito’s have closed their Hinckley town centre branch rather suddenly, seven months after opening, with no warning or announcement.

Shutters are staying down for good at Benito’s (Image: Mason Moore)

Concerns were first raised by residents over the restaurant’s future, as the shutters remained down on the day of Hinckley Bid’s Motorshow last Sunday (25 September).

This struck people as an odd business decision as the Motorshow draws a crowd of thousands annually, especially those from out of town – and it hit 12,000 visitors this year.

Yesterday (Thursday, 29 September), staff members were spotted clearing out the interior. They were approached for details, but they were unable to provide them.

Inside, the lights have been completely turned off, with chairs stacked up. And, utensils, equipment, documents, and drink glasses have been left on the tables.

Utensils left untouched on a table (Image: Mason Moore)

Today (30 September), the closure has been quietly confirmed. The restaurant’s presence has been deleted off the Benito’s website. The brand have retained their two other locations over in Covent Garden in London, and Westgate in Oxford.

This has been further backed by a message confirming the closure on their Google Maps listing, simply reading: “Benito’s is permanently closed.”

The eatery’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram have been deleted.

Online bookings for the restaurant can no longer be placed through their website.

When the Hinckley Free Press tried to call the restaurant in hopes for further details, an automated voicemail played, explaining “the person was unavailable” upon calling.

A spokesperson for Benito’s head office has been approached for comment twice, but they have avoided providing a statement about this at the time of publication.

Benito’s opened back in February, where it was declared open with a ribbon cutting by Mayor Dawn Glenville and her consort and husband, Barry Walker.

They joined their first and only Feast Hinckley event this year, where they sold their beloved burritos alongside a whole host of other vendors in Argents Mead.

Hinckley’s Highcross Building complex, on Regent Street, recently filled up with a ‘full house’ of tenants when Addylline Cafe opened its doors some weeks ago.

It used to be housed by Revival, Benito’s, Forever Sun, and Addylline. But now, this means that the former Benito’s unit will be up for grabs as a result of the closure.

This isn’t the only recent Benito’s closure. They used to have another branch on Oxford Circus in London, but this has also been removed from the website at the same time as Hinckley’s branch respectively.

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  1. I’m still getting over the fact that Hinckley had a branch in tandem with Covent Garden and Oxford Circus in London. Perhaps Benito’s thought they’d opened in Regent Street in London and realised their mistake 😄

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