Unsuccessful suspect climbed walls, tried doors, and used technology to try and steal keyless car from Burbage in early hours

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 24 September 2022

AN ATTEMPTED car theft took place during the early hours in Burbage this week.

Person holding a car door. (Image: Markus Spiske/Unsplash)

Sometime around 1.50am on Monday, 19 September, a suspect attempted to steal a car which was parked up on The Coppice using ‘keyless entry’ technology.

The determined suspect was unsuccessful with their initial keyless entry attempt, which then led to them climbing gates and trying residential doors and the vehicle’s doors, according to Burbage PCSO Darren Stretton in his local policing newsletter.

But thankfully, nothing was taken and they were unsuccessful in their attempts.

A spokesperson for the Burbage Beat Team further confirmed that follow-up work has since been carried out to identify those who were involved in the incident.

They simply explained: “We have completed a lot of follow up work to support other Police forces in helping to identify those involved.”

Keyless car owners were warned in early August by the Burbage Beat Team to ensure their RFID car key pouches still work, and buy a new one if it not, after issuing a reminder that the RFID signal can start to pass through with wear and tear.

Those looking to get their hands on a new RFID car key wallet for their keyless vehicle are able to pick them up tomorrow at the Hinckley Bid’s 11th Annual Motorshow.

PCSO Darren Stretton and the town’s Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator will be in attendance at the show from 10am to 4.30pm, selling many safety items at cost. They will even have uniform dress-up for children who are paying a visit with their families.

A Hinckley Police spokesperson previously stated on Facebook that other ways to prevent keyless car theft include purchasing steering locks, driveway bollards, and blocking the vehicle in on the driveway completely by using another vehicle.

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