Police patrolling Burbage park after reports of youths littering, using bad language, and playing loud music

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 12 August 2022

POLICE OFFICERS in Burbage are to complete their patrols across the Tilton Road Park, following recent reports of anti-social behaviour.

Tilton Road Park, where the youths have been congregating (Image: Google/Google Street View)

These patrols come after residents have noticed – and informed police officers – that groups of youths have been dropping their litter across the park, as well as using bad language, and even playing “very loud and inappropriate music”.

Darren Stretton, who serves as PCSO for the area, stated in a recent policing update just two days ago (Wednesday, 10 August), that the Beat Team are carrying out the patrols with hopes of identifying the responsible youths.

If identified, the Beat Team will talk to the groups of youths about their behaviour, so they are able to understand the impact it has on local residents and other youths.

Anybody who has any details can directly email PCSO Stretton with the information, by emailing him at darren.stretton@leics.police.uk.

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