Council remind park-goers that town parks are ‘no go’ areas for barbecues after Hollycroft Park bin set on fire

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 10 August 2022

PARK-GOERS in Hinckley have been reminded by the Council that the town’s parks are ‘no go’ areas for disposable barbecues, after a bin in Hollycroft Park was set ablaze.

Inset (Image: HBBC) / The destroyed blaze-hit bin (Image: HBBC)

This warning came in the form of a stern social media posted on Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s official Facebook page just two days ago (8 August).

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, 8 August, an irresponsible Hollycroft Park visitor had inconsiderately dumped a disposable barbecue into a bin near the park entrance.

The bin has been destroyed, with the inside being left completely black as a direct result of the incident, with warning tape having to surround it.

Luckily, the fire did not expand to any other areas of the park.

The social media statement, warns people that incidents like this can put firefighters, wildlife, and property at risk.

It simply reads: “With temperatures on the rise again this week, a reminder that BBQs are not allowed on any council parks or open spaces.

“There’s a good reason for this at any time of year, but especially so during a heatwave with the increased risk of wild fires, where irresponsible actions like this puts fire fighters, wildlife, and property at risk.

“This is what’s left of a bin in Hollycroft Park in Hinckley today after someone thought it was a good idea to throw their disposable BBQ into it yesterday. As you can see the bin has been destroyed and we are lucky it did not result in a wildfire.

“A reminder to everyone that, whatever the weather, BBQs are not allowed on any park or open space owned or maintained by the council. This is for everyone’s safety. Thank you.”

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