Two-storey Burbage newsagents given ‘thumbs up’ for third floor again after it was removed sometime in 1940s

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 1 August 2022

A CONVENIENCE STORE in Burbage have been given the ‘green light’ by the Borough Council’s planning department to reinstate a previously removed third floor.

Hinckley News as it stands now (Image: Bukin Lett Architecture)

Hinckley News, located at 1 – 3 Hinckley Road, will now be able to build a new top floor above the shop’s first floor, after plans were approved last week on Thursday, 29 July.

According to the planning agent, Bukin Lett Architecture, the property previously had a third floor in the 1900s and it was distinctly known as two separate addresses.

Historical imagery of the property (centre) (Image: Unknown)

However, at some point in the 1940s the third floor was removed. Whilst there are no formal records as to why, it is believed to be due to a fire.

The new storey being erected isn’t the only change coming to the shop.

It will be fitted with a new Georgian-style storefront with new signage, a new door will be reinstated to Number 1, and its existing first floor windows will be replaced with new Georgian-style windows more in keeping with the Conservation Area.

How it will look once works are complete (Image: Bukins Lett Architecture)

The new third floor will be constructed in new facing brickwork, which would match the existing brickwork to be exposed by removal of all the existing render.

The exposed brickwork will be repaired and repointed. New windows to third floor on the front elevation will be Georgian timber doubled glazed windows with stone sills, new brick arches to be cut in above the first floor window to.

Under this planning permission, Hinckley News has been given further permission to carry out interior works on the property to ground and first floors.

As the previously in-filled door to Number 1 is re-introduced, a brand new completely self-contained flat will be created, which will see the existing rear stairs and “redundant” ground floor kitchen and bathroom completely removed.

The shop floor’s trade area will be extended into these redundant spaces, with the owners aiming to convert these spaces into a brand new “much-welcomed” coffee shop.

A site notice was installed in the vicinity of the store, making passers-by aware of the proposals, and no letters of representation were made during the consultation period. Neighbors were informed of the plans, but none had any objections.

The planning documents, which helped the plans become a reality, were put together by Paul Bukin of Bukin Letts Architecture. Paul can be contacted at, or 07771 363265.

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