Hinckley and Bosworth MP’s Body Image Pledge given recent ‘significant’ boost as it forms part of Women’s Health Strategy

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 31 July 2022

HINCKLEY and Bosworth’s Member of Parliament, Dr. Luke Evans, has seen a ‘significant’ boost in his ‘Body Image Pledge’ campaign last week, which would see labels on edited images where body proportions have been digitally manipulated.

Hinckley and Bosworth MP, Dr. Luke Evans (Image: Dr. Luke Evans)

This is because the Pledge now forms part of the newly-announced Woman’s Health Strategy. The Woman’s Health Strategy made reference to future policy on digitally altered images, including mandatory labels when body proportions have been edited, following Evans’ campaign to foster healthier representations for body image.

The strategy is a 10-year-long plan which is the first of its kind for the country, and it aims to look more holistically at women’s health. It hopes to create a ‘seamless’ journey for women as they engage with health services throughout their life.

The strategy have acknowledged the issue with digitally-altered body images and mental health in one of their documents.

It reads: “The government acknowledges the possible link between digitally altered body images and mental health, including the potential harms such a link may cause.

“The Government will consider further proposals to tackle body image issues related to digitally altered images, such as mandatory kite marks, as part of the Online Advertising Programme and our future plans for mental health.

“The Government’s priority will be ensuring that any intervention is evidence-based and makes a real and positive difference and will set out its approach in due course.”

This assurance by the Government comes after household brands such as Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Dove, Boots, PureGym, Barry M, and Boohoo Group, have signed Dr. Luke’s Body Image Pledge.

The Pledge is a voluntary commitment which brands, charities and organisations have taken to not digitally alter a person’s body proportions in any advertising or direct imagery.

Dr Luke Evans MP, said: “This is an issue which affects many people. Men and women, young and old. I’m pleased to see the proposals for a label on images where body proportions have been digitally altered incorporated in the Women’s Health Strategy.

“I believe it is testament to the need for change on this issue that such prominent companies are supporting my campaign.

“Many of which have been working to their own honest-advertising principles long before I became an MP, but current momentum behind the Body Image Pledge shows that we are stronger when we come together as one.”

He concluded: “By taking this voluntary commitment these organisations have acknowledged the detrimental impact that viewing warped and unrealistic body proportions can have on a person’s mental health and body image.

“It’s a big step in promoting responsible advertising.

“I urge other brands, charities and organisations to show the same commitment towards fostering healthier representations of body image and sign the Pledge.”

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