Quiz: Can you name these past and present pubs in Hinckley?

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 17 July 2022

HINCKLEY is a market town with a generous amount of drinking holes for punters to catch up for a drink with friends, whether socialising over a pint of cask ale, a nice cold draught pint of lager, or something else, like a craft beer, sour, or IPA, on a craft keg.

(Image: Google Street View)

But, to see if the drinkers of Hinckley really know their pubs, clubs and bars of both past and present, the Free Press have put together a quiz to see how well you do.

Answers will be displayed at the bottom of the page, so you can keep track of your results at the end – but no cheating.

Let us know how well you did in the comments.

Pub 1)

The mystery pub on Regent Street (Image: Google Street View)

This pub is a pub of Hinckley’s past, and was located on the corner of Regent Street in the heart of Hinckley town centre, directly opposite Lancaster Road.

It opened under many different names and owners, and even swapped back to one of its original names in its final lease of life.

It proved popular for showing live sports – notably football, serving up classic greasy pub grub, and holding club nights, with a live DJ playing sets until the early hours.

What was it’s name?

A) The Air

B) The Force

C) The Gravity

Pub 2)

Market Place’s mystery pub (Image: Google Street View)

This pub on Market Place is still very much alive – and its beer garden is never empty.

And that’s thanks to its owners always managing to attract audiences for what the Free Press can only assume are the cheapest pints in town at £1.80, from Thursdays through to Sundays.

Like our previous pub in this quiz, this also serves as a club at night, with its very own club photographer to capture them drunken nights out – and sometimes some of the best moments on them.

They also hold karaoke nights, giving anyone a chance to showcase their singing voice, whether that’s for better or for worse, as both types of people have the chance to take to the mic… Both those who can actually sing, and those who think they can sing.

But, what is the name of this pub?

A) The Mars

B) The Bounty

C) The Galaxy

Pub 3)

Another mystery pub – this is on Leicester Road (Image: Google Street View)

This pub, based on Leicester Road, is still very much open and actively trading – and it’s recently won an award locally.

It has been recognised as the Pub of the Year by Hinckley and Bosworth’s CAMRA branch.

This is a title that has been synonymous with the pub, as they have won that award an impressive total of three times since 2011.

On Facebook, publicans have described the drinking hole as “different, yet familiar”.

Inside, punters can sit on down with a pint – or glass jug – of real ale, as they bond together over a game of dominoes, darts, or skittles.

They always have a wide selection of guest cask ales, which is great for those wanting to try new drinks from breweries both local and far away, poured well on a cask hand pull.

What is its name?

A) The New Plough Inn

B) The Old Farming Inn

C) The Modern Agriculture Inn

Pub 4)

This mystery pub, which was on Tudor Road, is no more (Image: Google Street View)

Now, I’ve decided to up the ante a bit and make this one a bit more challenging, as this is a pub that is no more.

It was demolished to make way for housing in the mid-2010’s.

However, that doesn’t mean those that it has been forgotten about. Some enjoyed a pint – or a few – inside of here once upon a time.

It was located on Tudor Road, owned by Mitchell & Butlers, and built in the 1930s when houses were being built in the area.

What is its name?

A) The Outerfield

B) The Innerfield

C) The Middlefield

Pub 5)

Hinckley’s past ‘Spoons – what was it called? (Image: Google Street View)

This pub has marked JD Wetherspoons’ only Hinckley location so far.

It was located on Regent Street and it closed its doors back in September 2019, when it was bought by local businessman Nirad Solanki and his pub group the Crafty Pub Group, who were then doing business as Elmesthorpe Brewery Co.

Plans have since been lodged for a new branch of Wetherspoons to come to The Crescent shopping and leisure complex, near the town centre, following a three year hiatus following the closure of this, but that is subject to planning approval.

But, what was the name of this former ‘Spoons?

A) The Charlotte Brame

B) The Baron of Hinckley

C) The Lord High Steward

Pub 6)

This mystery pub is a beloved local micropub (Image: Google Street View)

Yet another Hinckley-based award-winning boozer, this small and quaint micropub located atop Castle Street has been named Hinckley and Bosworth’s Pub of the Year for two years in a row (2019, 2020).

And, it has been named the Cider Pub of the Year locally for more than five years, including this year (2022).

They are known for their ever-changing cask selection, bags of booze in boxes, and pouring many a pint of Bass fresh off a cask hand pull.

Their offering of pub snacks always prove to be a hit with drinkers, whether they are enjoying crisps, pork pies with mustard and Stilton, nuts, or cheese and onion cobs.

But what is it’s name?

A) The Pestle & Mortar

B) The Grinder & Twig

C) The Mixing Bowl

Pub 7)

Another mystery pub – this one’s on Station Road (Image: Google Street View)

For commuters travelling to the town by train, this is the first pub that they see once they get off the platform and are greeted with in ‘Inckleh, based on Station Road.

It is approximately a one-minute walk away from the railway station, and is located directly opposite the Tesco superstore.

This occasionally plays home to live musicians, and offers up your regular lagers and beers on tap, but also real ales on cask and even some fine wines and liqueurs.

Those looking to grab a bite to eat are able to get something from their ‘home cooked’ food menu.

With so many regulars inside and visitors stopping by for a drink whilst they are waiting for their train to pull in, or are waiting on a cancelled service, this pub remains one that is always discussed when talking about notable Hinckley pubs.

But, what its name?

A) The Locomotive

B) The Railway

C) The Cross Country

Pub 8)

Many bus commuters pass this on the way to The Crescent (Image: Google Street View)

Now for our final one.

Like our past commuter pub, this one on Coventry Road is another one that many drivers see when they head on in to Hinckley – typically when heading over from Nuneaton, or colloquially ‘Sunny Nunny’, just across the county border.

But, this is not just a boozer that is spotted by car drivers.

Passengers and bus drivers on the 158 and 48 buses which pass through Hinckley’s Crescent before heading off to Leicester city centre, drive past this pub every day.

It is also in walking distance from Hinckley’s Holiday Inn hotel and Brewers Fayre’s ‘Trinity Marina’ pub, which are about a six minute walk away.

It is a mock Tudor pub building which sports a spacious beer garden at the back, with additional seating outside the front.

They have their own golf society, dominoes, and crib teams.

Inside, it sports a warm and comfortable atmosphere, with real fires, and four rooms and a centre bar to have a drink in.

What is the pub name?

A) The Tudor

B) The Wharf

C) The Dock


Pub 1 – The Gravity

Pub 2 – The Bounty

Pub 3 – The New Plough Inn

Pub 4 – The Middlefield Inn

Pub 5 – The Baron of Hinckley

Pub 6 – The Pestle & Mortar

Pub 7 – The Railway

Pub 8 – The Wharf

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