Steel security hoardings installed on-site at Nuneaton’s former Crown Inn to put an end to vandals from trying to break-in

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 15 July 2022

NUNEATON’S former Crown Inn pub, near the town centre, has finally been secured.

Nuneaton’s former Crown Inn is now secured (Image: Mason Moore)

Steel hoardings have been installed and fitted on to the windows and doors into the once ever-busy pub and hotel.

These have seemingly been put in place following an incident on Tuesday, 21 June, which seen vandals break in to the derelict pub where they smashed a window on the top floor, resulting in glass shards being scattered all across Bond Street.

The shattered glass shards were reported by many town-goers, who flagged the incident with Warwickshire Police officers, informing them of the incident.

The window which was smashed was still on display to passers-by as it was left by the vandals, who had cracked the glass, and left it with jagged and broken sharp edges, pictured below.

One of the smashed windows (Image: Mason Moore)

In fact, the Free Press noticed the shards first hand when walking past on the day, and placed a called with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, requesting for these to be cleared away, and for contact to be made with the landowner to secure the site.

And, the mess was cleared up by a Council contractor just one day later.

The vandal-hit and wrecked derelict pub (Image: Mason Moore)

Before the building was secured, the Free Press managed to take a photograph through a ground floor window which shown how vandal-hit inside it truly was.

It shows dangerous loose wooden boards left all over the ground floors, smashed parts of brick next to a brick feature and staircase, the door to the beer garden area smashed wide open, and littered bottles and coffee cups left on the floor.

It is believed that the new steel security panels were quietly fitted some time around Monday, 27 June, six days after the incident.

One thought on “Steel security hoardings installed on-site at Nuneaton’s former Crown Inn to put an end to vandals from trying to break-in

  1. Absolutely atrocious the way some people behave towards others property. No consequence for the rubbish people that do this sort of thing. They cost the owners tens of thousands of pounds and they cost local government the same, about time parents told them it’s our money you are wasting as it’s our taxes and rates that end up paying for it. JUST DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR.

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