New cafe opening up in part of former Hinckley nightclub could soon serve up alcoholic drinks on-site once again

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 13 July 2022

A NEW cafe setting up shop in part of the former Voodoo Lounge club in Hinckley’s Highcross Buildings have applied for a premises licence to serve up alcohol on-site.

Addylline Cafe (Image: Mason Moore) / Inset (Image: Mason Moore)

A premises licence has been signposted in the window of the soon-to-open Addylline Cafe on Regent Street, which states that one of its owners, Mrs. Elena Raciula-Neaga, wants to serve up alcoholic drinks, and play live and recorded music on-site.

The document further reveals its proposed opening hours.

On Mondays through to Saturdays, it would trade from 9am to 11pm. But, on Sundays, it would open with slightly reduced hours, from 9am to 6pm.

Addylline were initially aiming to set up shop back in mid to late May, but seeking out the permission for the premises licence may be one of the reasons for the setback in not opening its doors yet.

It was first thought that Addylline was going to solely trade as a bakery, per details listed on corporate information website Endole, but signage was later installed atop the unit confirming that it will trade as a cafe, serving food and drink.

Inside of the unit, renovation works are still being carried out, which have seen a new counter fitted, new lighting and lights, and new indoor seating. Windows have been obscured with blank sheets whilst the interior construction works are well underway.

When it opens to the public in due time, it will serve up a number of foods, such as bread, fresh pastry goods, cakes, rusks, biscuits, preserved pastry goods and cakes, all of which will be cooked up and served on-site, alongside prepared meals and dishes.

A spokesperson for Addylline was unavailable for comment at the time of publication (Wednesday, 13 July), and a social media presence still has not yet been launched publicly.

The deadline for representations for the premises licence submission was eight days ago on Tuesday, 5 July, meaning that a decision on whether it has been granted should be announced soon.

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