Business premises and furniture in Hinckley town centre targeted by reckless vandals in early hours on Friday morning

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 19 June 2022

THREE INDIVIDUALS carried out a spree of reckless vandalism across Hinckley town centre in the early hours two days ago (17 June) which seen business premises targeted and town furniture damaged.

Castle Street, Hinckley town centre (Image: Mason Moore)

Around 3.05am on Friday, 17 June, two males and one female headed across Hinckley’s high street, where they “ripped down” business signage, thrown items at business windows, removed ‘established’ plants, and even damaged street furniture.

In a social media statement, a spokesperson for Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) stressed that the town centre CCTV cameras have captured footage of the vandals responsible in the act – and this has been reported to Hinckley Police.

They have further encouraged affected businesses who were targeted by the reckless vandals to get in touch with police on their non-emergency number of 101.

Some residents have urged the Council to share some CCTV imagery of the vandals, make them or their parents pay for the damage, and have them “severely punished”.

The vandals have even been branded as ‘idiots’ by Jan Kirby – the President of the Hinckley and District Chamber of Trade.

Jan stated: “I hope they are caught and held accountable for their actions. Businesses and the council have enough to deal with without having to suffer idiots like this.

“We all try and make our town somewhere that is a pleasure to work and play in. Such a shame there are people like this. They need shaming.”

One resident stated: “They should be made to cover the cost of damage, plant up any plants, clean up markings, clean the shop windows and tidy up Castle Street for the rest of the summer.

“They should be sweeping and picking up litter for the summer, 9 to 5 and cleaning shop windows, all while dressed in bright yellow vests, saying: ‘I was naughty and got caught’.”

Another added: “I’m pleased they were caught on CCTV And when the pictures are put out to the public. I hope they are severely punished. All vandalism costs all victims, councils, and businesses a lot of money not to mention the devastation they cause.

“When they are recognised then they must be named and shamed, regardless of age. If they are old enough to vandalise people’s property then they are old enough to be shamed.”

Another urged: “Let’s get their pictures circulated widely straight away, and deal with them severely”.

Back in early May, a town centre vandal who had previously “tagged” many illegal graffiti tags over the town’s walls was ordered to paint over the town’s newest tags by Hinckley Police officers.

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