Derelict pub in Nuneaton near town centre hit by ‘small’ fire on Sunday afternoon

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 7 June 2022

FIRE CREWS in Nuneaton battled a small fire at the derelict Kingsholme pub near Nuneaton town centre just two days ago (Sunday, 5 June).

The former Kingsholme pub (Image: Vaughan Moore)

Firefighters headed down to the property at 2pm on Sunday, 5 May, after they received reports of a fire at the former pub, based on Upper Abbey Street.

Once they arrived at the scene, the fire crew – who were wearing breathing apparatus and were equipped with a hose reel jet – discovered a small fire on the second floor.

Crews spent around 40 minutes extinguishing the fire, helping to make the property safe once again.

At the time of publication (Tuesday, 7 June), it is unknown as to how the fire started, as no statement on this has been issued.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire Police explained to the Hinckley Free Press that they “had no mention of an investigation on their logs”, suggesting that residents had not tipped off their officers on the fire.

The last time that the building made headlines was in May last year, when officers had been tipped off that it was illegally being used as a cannabis farm. Inside, they found that a ‘substantial’ amount of cannabis was being grown inside of the building in different stages.

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