Large fly-tip left on road near Higham on the Hill this morning resulted in temporary closure

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 30 May 2022

BASIN BRIDGE LANE near Higham on the Hill and Wykin village was blocked off by a large fly-tip dumped in the middle of the road this morning (Monday, 30 May).

The fly-tipped mess cleared to one side by Market Bosworth police (Image: Market Bosworth Police)

The incident was made public knowledge by Market Bosworth police officers on Facebook through their official Facebook page at around 9am.

The fly-tip was made up of large black bags, piles of leaves, general waste, and boxes.

As a result, the road had to be blocked off to drivers – but some were able to slowly maneuver around it as they passed over the grass verge.

Luckily, a considerate police officer working with Market Bosworth Police had decided to help make the road passable once again, by clearing all of the rubbish out of the middle of it.

The incident was subsequently reported to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) – and their teams eventually paid a visit to clear the mess completely.

Taking to social media, one resident branded the fly-tipper who is responsible as “absolutely senseless”.

Another suggested that the roads be monitored by CCTV surveillance cameras, which could be triggered by movement.

They explained: “For very little money you can get night vision wildlife cameras that are triggered by movement – you’d only need to place these a few at known dumping hotspots.”

This was seconded by another commenter, who stressed: “It needs portable CCTV down there.”

Somebody else agreeing with the concept thought up by previous commenters stated that these small village lanes could benefit from more lighting and CCTV.

They added: “Need more lighting on these lanes – and CCTV”.

Last month, at the end of April, 16 tonnes of concrete slabs were left on the side of the junction of Whitwick Road and the A50, near Markfield.

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