Covid vaccination session taking place in Barwell next Monday for people aged 16 and over – and no booking is required

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 24 May 2022

A CORONAVIRUS vaccination session is to be held on a ‘drop-in’ basis in Barwell next Monday (30 May).

A plaster being applied after a vaccine (Image: CDC via Unsplash)

It will take place inside of the Barwell Jubilee Hall, known to some as the former AVIC Centre, on Byron Close, directly next to the Barwell Scouts building.

Villagers aged 16-years-old and over who are in need of their first or second doses, or even booster, will be able to receive these at the session.

Only doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be handed out.

As it is being held on a ‘drop-in’ basis, people can just turn up and walk in, without having to book in advance.

The session will run for a total of six hours – from 11am through to 5pm.

According to organisers, those aged 75-years-old and over are now eligible to receive a second booster at the session, without a letter from a GP, or an appointment.

Attendees are being encouraged to “have their NHS numbers handy, if possible.”

Children over the age of 16 will be offered a single dose of the vaccine – but they must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, so consent can be obtained.

Children aged 16 and over will have to wait 12 weeks after testing positive for coronavirus to get vaccinated.

And, adults will have to wait 28 days after testing positive.

After receiving their vaccine, 16 to 17 year olds will need to wait a total of 12 weeks between each dose, whilst adults will only have to wait 8 weeks.

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