Scam device spotted on cashpoint in Hinckley town centre on Sunday evening – police issue warning and tips to users

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 11 May 2022

A SCAM DEVICE was found fitted on to a Hinckley town centre cash machine on Sunday evening (8 May).

Library image (Image: Unsplash)

Scammers had left the device on the ATM to try and trick its users into believing the money they were trying to withdraw would not be dispensed, when in reality, it would.

The device was approximately 8 to 10 inches long, grey in colour- to match the colour of the ATM – and it was fitted closely to where bank notes are usually dispensed from.

Luckily, the piece of scam equipment was spotted by an eagle-eyed user who had noticed it and placed a call to Hinckley Police officers, helping to make them aware.

This incident has prompted police officers to share their tips on how to avoid fraud whilst using cash machines.

The safety tips from officers

  • At an ATM, always ‘carefully’ cover your PIN, in case of hidden cameras or “prying” eyes
  • Do not keep a written record of your PIN, tell anyone, or let people use your card
  • Do not use a PIN number that is easy to guess, like your date of birth
  • Store 24-hour emergency contact numbers for all bankcards into your mobile, or an easily accessible place
  • If your card is not returned to you whilst using an ATM, or the money is not issued, call the card issuer immediately. Ideally, whilst at or near the machine, if possible
  • If you spot anything unusual or suspicious about an ATM, do not use it, but instead report it to the bank, or its operator
  • Check bank statements regularly. If you notice anything suspicious activity on there, immediately report this to your bank
  • Whilst using an ATM, look out for people close by who may be trying to use distraction tactics in a bid to steal your card, or PIN

PCSO Phil Wane, of the Hinckley and Blaby Neighbourhood Policing Area, has advised those who think a cashpoint has been ‘tampered with’ to inform officers.

He said: “If you believe that the ATM you are using has been tampered with and the bank is open please make the bank aware immediately. If the bank is not open please contact the Police on 101.”

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