Nuneaton MP reveals Post Office in Abbeygate Centre is to re-open next week following three month long closure

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 11 May 2022

A POST OFFICE branch in Nuneaton town centre is set to re-open in six days time after being closed for a total of three months.

Inset: Marcus Jones MP (Image: Public domain) / Main image (Image: Mason Moore)

The Post Office inside of the Abbeygate Shopping Centre has been closed since February, where it remained out of use to users, which has resulted in them having to visit their other branches, such as Queens Road, Tomkinson Road, and Weddington.

But, today (Wednesday, 11 May), in a social media statement, Nuneaton’s Member of Parliament, Marcus Jones, has confirmed it is to open once again next Tuesday.

Taking to Facebook and Twitter, the Tory MP, said: “I am pleased a town centre post office branch in Nuneaton will reopen in Abbeygate on 17th May.

“I have communicated to all parties the importance of a town centre branch.”

Marcus further stated that Warwickshire County Council (WCC), had offered to set up a temporary site elsewhere in town if this did not re-open – and he stressed he was ‘grateful’ for the offer.

He said: “I am grateful that Warwickshire County Council offered a temporary alternative location at Nuneaton Library.”

Over the course of the past few months, mainly at the start and end of March, the MP had been holding many talks to get it re-open.

He was in discussions with all parties to ‘urgently’ try to restore it, and he even held a video call with the Post Office’s External Affairs Manager, Laura Tarling, where he voiced his concerns on the closure.

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