Free Press review menu items from Hinckley’s new Sticky Sisters branch – and bosses issue fresh new details

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 28 April 2022

HINCKLEY’S new fast-food eatery Sticky Sisters are operating on a ‘delivery-only’ basis as they are in the process of updating their unit – the former Burger King.

One of the many burgers on offer (Image: Mason Moore)

Diners are to be welcomed inside once the renovation works are completed and an official opening date is announced.

The Hinckley Free Press were generously granted early access inside to try some of the food that will be on offer – and discuss the new restaurant with representatives.

What Mason ordered

I opted for a large bottle of regular Coke, bottle of water, and two burgers – The Halloumi One and The Sisters’ Veggie, which were both served up with a side of fries.

To go with the fries, I opted for two dipping sauces from the varied menu, which sports a total of 17 different types. I went for ‘cool ranch’ and ‘Sticky Sisters sauce’.

Sticky Sisters Veggie Burger and fries

The Sticky Sisters Veggie Burger with fries (Image: Mason Moore)

As I started to tuck in to the veggie burger, I quickly realised that it does live up to its name. It was very sticky, and left my hands as such, so I was pleased that I was given many serviettes and wet wipe-like hand wipes in advance before eating.

The vegan buttermilk burger was coated in sticky sauce, with some vegan cheese slices on top, alongside some lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles.

The combination of vegetables really worked well in complimenting the burger and helped to make it all the more enjoyable. It was definitely worth the £6.95 price tag, as it can fill you up easily, and it makes for a tasty treat.

It would be something that I definitely order again, but I did have to order a bottle of water halfway through, as I noticed the sauce was a bit too hot and tangy at first, but that could be because I’ve ever really only had barbecue, ranch dressing, and ketchup.

The Halloumi One and fries

The Halloumi One with a side of fries (Image: Mason Moore)

Unlike the previously mentioned Sisters veggie burger which was both vegetarian and vegan, ‘The Halloumi One’ is made with real Halloumi, only making it vegetarian.

This burger is also fairly priced at £6.95 – and the large halloumi slices justified it. The halloumi and tasty tomatoes literally made it a mouthwatering and rather juicy burger. It is topped with lettuce, pickles, crispy onion, and Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce.

I had remembered to order something to cool things down in case I couldn’t hack the Thai sauce on the packed bun. I used the cool ranch sauce and I would say this is my number one recommendation if you’re going to give any burgers a go with sauce.

The regular fries that came with both burgers were easy to eat. These weren’t your usually greasy and overly-salty chips, they were lightly salted and not very fatty at all.

A portion of regular fries will only set you back a small sum of £2.95, whilst going one size up to a large is just one pound extra, at £3.95.

What Vaughan ordered

Not having any idea of what the foods would be like, I got the chance to order from the main Sticky Sisters menu.

I opted for a bottle of Diet Coke to wash down the food which I assumed would be spicy from the get go because of the Thai sauce that came with my fries.

I was also excited to have the opportunity to sample the Mexican menu from El Taco Loco. But, it should be mentioned, the quesadillas that I ordered from the Mexican menu are not available to be ordered in-store, and are a delivery-only menu item.

Halloumi sticks with mixed leaf salad

Halloumi sticks with salad and Thai sauce (Image: Vaughan Moore)

To start, I ordered the halloumi sticks with mixed leaf salad from the main Sticky Sisters menu for my first bite to eat.

It was a decent-sized portion, and a filling one at that – and a Thai sweet chilli dip was included with my meal. I did have the ranch dressing with this, and it complimented it very well.

Mixed vegetable quesadillas

Secondly, I sampled a menu item from El Taco Loco, their Mexican ‘dark kitchen’ – the vegetarian quesadillas were still piping hot, and they did make for a filling meal.

Mixed vegetable quesadillas with Thai sauce and cool ranch (Image: Vaughan Moore)

Twix milkshake

Just like the Mexican food, this is another delivery app exclusive, but served under the Dirty Dog Shack name, which is their American-inspired online-only brand.

Finally, to finish, for dessert, I sampled a milkshake from the ‘Dirty Dog Shack’ – a Twix milkshake. It was delicious – and a very unique offering.

Overall, I was very satisfied with both the taste and the time it took from me placing my order to the food arriving to the table.

The three dark kitchen delivery-exclusive menus were a good offering of vegan and veggie foods, and the in-store Sticky Sisters menu was nice.

‘No-brainer’ to transform former Burger King

A spokesperson for the restaurant explained that it was a “no-brainer” to transform the former Burger King into the first Midlands branch for the Sticky Sisters, as that was owned by the same parent company, the Karali Group.

They further added: “We’re finding a way to build this as a Sticky Sisters and this marks our first location across the Midlands.”

Big deals on Sticky meals

They plan to help diners save some cash by offering big discounts on their meals.

One current promotion running in their other restaurants coming to town is a deal with Cineworld, where those with Cineworld tickets can present them for a discount.

They are attempting to join the Student Beans mobile app to reward local college and university students with a 20 per cent discount in-store.

Local police officers would be treated to free teas and coffees.

The ‘blue light card’ would be accepted and and the restaurant would even offer a veterans discount.

The chain also explained how they want to support local events going on across Hinckley where they can.

They further want to support local ‘womble’ litter picking groups by offering them free meals as a ‘thank you’ for dedicating their time to helping look after the local area.

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