Local author to complete three 5km barefoot challenges in bid to raise funds for mental health charity

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 April 2022

LOCAL AUTHOR Stewart Bint is to raise funds for a local mental health charity by completing three 5 kilometre walks barefoot throughout the course of Mental Health Awareness Week from 9 May to 15 May.

Stewart Bint, from Elmesthorpe, will be completing the three 5 kilometre walks for Lamp – the Leicestershire Action for Mental Health Project.

He is to face the added challenge of not knowing the full routes of his walks beforehand.

The challenges will be part of his contribution to Lamp’s ‘Trip to the Moon’ 5K fundraiser, which helps to promote the positive effects of physical exercise on mental health.

Stewart’s first challenge will commence at 9am on Monday, 9 May, where he will walk barefoot from the Rocket Tower at the National Space Centre along a route that will take him down a nearby canal path.

His walk will mark the official launch of the Lamp 5K event – and now he is encouraging others to join him in completing two more 5 km routes the following Wednesday and Saturday to cover:

  • University of Leicester Botanic Garden at 11am on Wednesday 11 May
  • Clarendon Park to Everards Meadow with the team from Cool as Leicester on Saturday 14 May

As a keen walker and advocate of good mental health, Stewart is using the Lamp 5K challenge as a metaphor for mental health advocacy.

He explained: “The fact that I’ll be barefoot and don’t know where the journey is taking me symbolises the vulnerability and uncertainty we face on our mental health journeys.

He continued: “Being with other people on a Lamp event represents how we work together to support each other as individuals, and help received through advocacy.”

This will mark Stewart’s second attempt at the Lamp 5K challenge.

Last year, he successfully completed two of the 5km routes across fields, bridleways, gravel paths and urban streets, barefoot on both walks.

“I’m honoured to support Lamp’s Trip To The Moon in this way, as I’ve been passionate about mental health after suffering a crisis in 1997, which led to me being hospitalised for 10 weeks,” Stewart further added.

Lamp is encouraging everyone to take part in a 5k or more physical activity such as walking, running, cycling or roller-skating, to collectively reach 384,400km – the distance from the Earth to the moon, and raise money for each kilometre covered, aiming for a total of £38,440. The funds will go towards supporting the charity’s services.

For details on Lamp’s 2022 5k Trip to the Moon challenge and to see how you can take part, click here.

Stewart Bint is a sci-fi, paranormal and satire novelist who is currently working on his sixth book which is a paranormal crime thriller with a strong Covid backdrop. You can learn more about Stewart here.

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