Full bags of dog poo left scattered across Barwell Tip Park – with one even left on a children’s play slide

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 22 April 2022

THE CONTENTS of a dog poo bin inside of Barwell Tip Park have been emptied out, with full bags of the mess scattered all over the village park.

The bags left all over the park (Image: Barwell Parish Council) Inset (Image: Barwell Parish Council)

Villagers were first notified of the incident through a post on social media shared by the Parish Council this morning ( 22 April), where a Council spokesperson had branded the situation as ‘very disappointing’.

Photos uploaded show full bags of the mess all over the green space in the park, with many of the bags being dumped right next to the main bin for general waste.

One bag was even placed directly on the bottom of a slide in the play area – a piece of play equipment which is regularly used by children.

Coun. Mathew Hulbert (Lib Dem, Redhall Ward), described the incident as ‘disappointing, dispiriting, demotivating’ – and urged vandals to ‘stop it’.

He further explained: “Our Council and our staff spend our time trying to make our village a pleasant, nice, pretty place to be.

“I’ll never understand the small minority who choose to wreck it, destroy it, make it worse, not better. Stop it!”

Residents were quick to react on social media sharing site Facebook.

One branded the situation as ‘weird’, stating: “This is just weird! Who would fetch poo bags out of a bin? Some people worry me!”

Another had suggested those responsible should be made to tidy the village once they are caught.

They said: “Absolutely disgusting, I hope when they get caught that they are made to tidy up around the community as payback!”

Another villager branded the individual responsible an ‘idiot’ for the incident.

Those with any information on the incident are being encouraged to contact the police directly through their non-emergency number of 101.

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