Youths who damaged Barwell Cricket Club’s memorial benches admitted to damage, wrote apology letters, and contributed to funds for new benches

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 19 April 2022

TWO YOUTHS who damaged memorial benches based on-site at the Barwell Cricket Club on Kirkby Road a few months back have admitted to causing the damage, issued an apology to the club, and put money towards some new benches.

Barwell Cricket Club (Image: Google Street View)

The boys involved in the incident have admitted to causing the damage and they were spoken to in the presence of their mothers, who were “equally disgusted and apologetic”, according to Hinckley Police officers in a recent newsletter update.

As well as this, they have contributed money towards new benches for the club, issued a written letter of apology to its members, and helped paint the cricket pitch boundary fences two weeks ago.

They were even handed an anti-social behaviour advice letter by officers and given an out-of-court disposal in the form of a community resolution.

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