Police issue warning over courier fraud after ‘a number’ of elderly Hinckley residents have fell victim to fraudsters

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 15 April 2022

A WARNING has been issued over courier fraud, after a number of elderly people in Hinckley fell victim to fraudsters since the start of last month (March).

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From Tuesday, 1 March, officers have received seven reports of victims, aged between 71 to 89, from Hinckley, being contacted by fraudsters who have been posing as ‘police officers from the London area’.

In most of these cases, victims were contacted by the fraudsters who had claimed that their bank cards had ‘been cloned’.

Following this, the scammers would further instruct victims to buy high value jewellery or gold – to “verify that their card had not been compromised” – which would then be arranged to be picked up by a courier.

Some banks were able to intervene with these interactions.

And as a result of the banks reaching out, out of the seven reports recieved, four of the victims who were targeted did not hand over any money or goods to the fraudsters.

According to police officers, in a statement obtained by the Free Press, the fraudsters ‘sound very plausible’ – and tell their victims that they should not inform anyone of their contact.

In a recent report, one elderly victim sadly suffered complications of a mini-stroke during the incident, as a result of stress which was caused by it, showing the physical and mental harm which is being put on the elderly victims who are being coered by the fraudsters.

Not the only scam trick used

This is not the only scam which scammers are using to try and dupe the elderly and vulnerable out of their cash.

In some instances, victims were being contacted and informed that an attempt had been made to access their bank account fraudulently.

The fraudsters then ask the victims to transfer the money in their account to another bank account which they provide details for.

Officers have stressed that this is not how real police officers would approach people – and further explained how to handle the situation, if you are ever approached by a scammer.

They explained: “Please be advised that police officers would never contact you in this way. If you are called you should disconnect the call straightaway and report the incident to the police using another telephone, as on some occasions calls can remain connected.”

On some occasions, suspects will use local taxi or courier companies, who unknowingly accept the job, not realising that it has been arranged by a scammer or fraudster.

‘Remain vigilant’

People are being encouraged to ‘remain vigilant’ if they are contacted about collecting packages, and should ‘be mindful’ of who they are collecting these from.

Those with suspicions should report these incidents to the police immediately.

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