Listed: All candidates who are standing in Nuneaton and Bedworth’s forthcoming local elections in May

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 April 2022

A FULL list of all of the candidates who are standing in Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council’s forthcoming elections next month have been revealed.

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Nuneaton and Bedworth residents will take to their polling stations on Thursday, 5 May, where they will cast their votes for half of the of the Council’s 34 seats – making one seat for each of the 17 wards.

At present, The Conservative Party is the Council’s ruling party with a total of 25 councillors.

This is then followed by Labour who have six councillors,two councillors who are standing independently, and finally, one Green Party councillor.

The complete list of candidates is below – and it has been supplied by Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council (NBBC) to the Hinckley Free Press.


  • Neil Phillips (Labour)
  • Mo Sahib (Conservative)
  • Alice Twyman (Green)


  • Joe Bevan (Labour)
  • Tess Brookes (Green)
  • Michael James Green (Conservative)


  • Laurel Emily Brindley (Green Party) 
  • Colin Stewart Easton Cape (Conservative)
  • Stephen John Hey (Labour) 


  • Jamie Marek Hartshorn (Conservative) 
  • Andrew James Heritage (Green Party)
  • Bhim Saru (Labour)


  • Kristine Alicia Cope (Green Party) 
  • William John Hancox (Labour)
  • Joy Moreton (Conservative)


  • Richard Thomas Smith (Conservative) 
  • Brian Walmsley (Labour)

Camp Hill

  • Ewan Rhys Evans (Conservative) 
  • Jeremy James Millen (Green Party)
  • Paul Edward Reilly (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Emma Rebecca Shiers (Labour) 


  • Damon Power Brown (Conservative)
  • Dylan Andrew Frampton (Coventry Citizens Party)
  • Merle Ross Gering (Green Party)
  • Margaret Eileen Hunter (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Helen Elizabeth Sinclair (Labour)

Galley Common

  • Samuel Robert Croft (Conservative)
  • Paul Malcolm Edwards (Labour)
  • David James Fletcher (Green Party)


  • Jonathan Andrew Gadsby (Green Party)
  • Wilhelm Franz Markham (Labour)
  • Graham Tony Moreton (Conservative)


  • Pappu Pauly Palamattom (Conservative)
  • Christopher Watkins (Labour)


  • Richard John Cope (Green Party)
  • Robert Gordon Copland (Labour)
  • Bhagwant Singh Pandher (Conservative)


  • Jack Paul Bonner (Labour)
  • Kyle William Evans (Conservative)
  • Maximilian James McGee (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Spring Lily Jayne Vernon (Green Party)

St. Nicolas

  • Eric Amaechi (Labour)
  • Michele Marie Pascale Kondakor (Green Party)
  • Robert David Tromans (Conservative)


  • William Henry Sheppard (Labour)
  • Kamaljeet Thiara (Conservative)
  • Michael Charles Wright (Green Party)

Wem Brook

  • Susan Anne Dalziel (Conservative)
  • Bernadette Mary Quinn (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)
  • Tracy Elizabeth Sheppard (Labour)
  • Ryan Alan Webster (Green Party)


  • Sophie Alexandra Bonner (Green Party)
  • Dianne Jean Fowler (Labour Party)
  • Kristofer David Wilson (Conservative)

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