Barwell Carnival making comeback in August after two year hiatus – but without floats

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 8 April 2022

BARWELL CARNIVAL is set to make a return this year for its 75th carnival celebration – but with a massive difference to how it has been celebrated in past times.

A past Barwell Carnival event (Image: Barwell Carnival on Facebook)

The return of the carnival was announced just two days ago (6 April), in a statement which was shared on the official Facebook page by event organisers.

It states that it is to be held on Saturday, 20 August, from 12pm on High Street, on the Barwell Church of England Academy field.

But, it will be massively different to its previous events, as there will not be any floats.

And instead, there will only be a fairground, stalls, and entertainment.

In a statement obtained by the Free Press, “various reasons” were cited as the reason for removing the floats, which are a fan-favourite with many attendees, but organisers have stressed that they are hoping that they can make a comeback next year (2023).

However, some villagers have been left stumped by the change.

One resident described it as ‘a fete’ instead of a carnival, and another sternly stressed that they believe that “a carnival with no floats is not a carnival.”

An event organiser responded to these points through the event’s Facebook page, stating that it was ‘too late’ to make any arrangements for any floats.

They stated: “With the Covid restrictions and the ‘what next?’ earlier this year, its now way too late to organise any floats.”

One resident explained that they were still happy just to have the event return.

They said: “It’s better than nothing at all, I think, considering the last couple of years. I would love a full on proper carnival, but time doesn’t allow that luxury.”

Another added: “I’m happy we get something this year – it’s been way too long in the coming.”

As a result of the lack of the floats, the event organisers are now looking at getting many stall holders and entertainment groups signed on to take part in the event.

Those interested in registering their interest as an entertainment group, or looking for a stall, are being encouraged to call the event organisers on 01455 699237.

The last time that the carnival was celebrated was back in August 2019, which marked the 73rd consecutive annual event.

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  1. I was told that the carnival committee were against running the carnival altogether and it was only when others called for an extra meeting that this was decided. Also it does sound feasible that with only 4 months to go there isn’t enough time to organise floats but it was also because the school wouldn’t allow vehicles onto the field due to potential damage to the newly laid running track. Other options were suggested but were met with negative reaction. But you don’t have to believe all you hear.

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