Police officers warn elderly residents ‘remain vigilant’ using cash machines – and share advice

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 5 April 2022

LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE officers are warning elderly residents to remain vigilant whilst they are withdrawing money from cash machines.

Library image (Image: Pixabay)

The warning comes after a ‘small number’ of thefts where victims have been approached mid-transaction and distracted, or pushed to one side by criminals.

In some instances when these tactics have been used, some victims have even had the maximum amount of money in their account withdrawn.

Police officers have stressed that they are investigating these past incidents.

And now, they have put together a list of tips, to help people remain safe when using cash points.

Be aware of others – and distraction tactics

The first is to be aware of those who are standing ‘too close’ to the cash machine, or are trying to distract you whilst using the machine.

Cancel transaction and walk away

If you feel that somebody is ‘too close’ to you whilst in the process of making a transaction, simply cancel it, take your card out without withdrawing any cash, and walk away.

Use a cash machine inside of a bank

If it is possible to do so, pay a visit to a local banking branch and use the cash machine inside of there, as you will be inside with bank staff, and surrounded by CCTV security cameras.

Report suspicious activity to officers

If you notice anybody acting suspicious around cash points, you can report this sort of activity to police officers through their non-emergency number of 101.

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