Barwell yobs ‘swiftly’ detained and handcuffed after damaging property on building site

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 2 April 2022

YOBS in Barwell have been handcuffed after damaging property on a building site based on Moore Road this afternoon (Saturday, 2 April).

Building site (Image: Hinckley Police) / Inset (Image: Pixabay)

According to Hinckley Police officers and members of the beat team, the youths were on the site around lunch time.

The incident was reported by a concerned member of the public around this time, who notified officers with a phone call, making them aware of the commotion which was being caused at the building site.

As soon as police officers arrived at the site of the incident, some of the youngsters responsible for the damage to the property had quickly fled from the scene, running away from officers and the incident.

However, their attempts to flee were unsuccessful, and officers soon caught up with them.

Two of the youths were ‘swiftly’ detained – and handcuffed – by officers and members of the beat team.

Details were later obtained, and the youths were subsequently returned home to their parents.

In a statement posted to social media sharing site, Facebook, a spokesperson for the 27 Beat Team, said: “We understand that building sites can be appealing to young children and youths, but they are not playgrounds and can be dangerous.”

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