Warning issued after ‘a number’ of counterfeit Scottish banknotes recently used across Hinckley town centre

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 31 March 2022

A NUMBER of counterfeit £50 Scottish banknotes have recently been identified in use across Hinckley town centre.

Scottish banknotes (Image: Library image)

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) issued the warning today (31 March) on Facebook, urging local businesses to beware of the fake notes that are currently doing the rounds – and they even pointed out some key giveaways that they are fake.

The counterfeit notes in question ‘look real from a distance’, but they have been confirmed to be fake after more ‘in-depth checks’ had been carried out.

Some key signs to help those working in local businesses identify the counterfeits have been revealed.

The bank name, “Royal Bank of Scotland”, is usually blurred on the bottom of the note. And, the edges of the fake banknotes are not straight – or properly cut.

A Borough Council spokesperson further mentioned how people will try to use them.

They explained: “Customers using these notes will buy low value items usually under £10 at local stores to get a large amount of change back in legal currency”.

Those who are passed one of the notes are being encouraged to get in touch with Hinckley Police, and make their officers aware.

This can be done by calling the non-emergency police number of 101, or alternatively, reporting a crime through a portal on the official Leicestershire Police website.

The Bank of Scotland have created an online PDF document showing all the details of genuine banknotes, so that you are able to spot the differences between counterfeits.

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