Canadian coffee giant Tim Hortons reveal major plans for proposed drive-through in Nuneaton

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 30 March 2022

A CANADIAN coffee giant is on the way to Nuneaton, according to planning documents lodged with Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council (NBBC).

The former Frankie and Benny’s (Image: Vaughan Moore) / Inset (Image: Vaughan Moore)

It was just a fortnight ago that the iconic red and white themed chain, Tim Hortons, best known for its Timbits, doughnuts and coffees, lodged plans to the Borough Council for a new restaurant and drive-through.

The location would be one all too familiar with those in Nuneaton – the former Frankie & Benny’s, opposite the Odeon Luxe cinema, which has sat vacant since 2020, when The Restaurant Group bosses closed a number of sites due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It would be a first for Nuneaton, Warwickshire, and Coventry, as currently there are no Tim Hortons restaurants in the area.

Currently, the closest site to Nuneaton can be found at Birmingham New Street, near Caxton Gate in the city centre, which opened three years ago in November 2018.

Interestingly, when our Nuneaton Reporter, Vaughan Moore approached Tim Hortons in a Tweet about the idea of potentially opening up in Nuneaton nine months ago, they replied with: “You never know what the future may bring”, followed with a fingers crossed emoji.

Documents obtained by the Free Press reveal that Tim’s are now the landowners – this was made known as they want to install advertisements and signage for the restaurant and drive-through.

Tim’s want to transform the building from a restaurant into a ‘sui generis’ coffee shop and restaurant, where they can sell food and drink on and off the premises.

A large burgundy-coloured coffee cup would be installed to indicate and signify the whereabouts of the restaurant to both passers-by and drivers.

One drive-through lane would be created as a result of the plans, but this would mean that alterations have to be made to the car park.

If approved, the chain would join Starbucks in becoming the second coffee giant to have transformed a formerly disused building in Bermuda Park into a drive-through coffee shop – and it would mark the complex’s fourth drive-through overall.

The drive-through would be accessed from the existing car park area to the north of the building, and it would route along the north east side of the building.

At present, there are 305 existing car parking spaces. But, in order to accomodate the drive-thru, the car park will be re-arranged.

This means that 21 parking spaces will be lost, taking the total number down to 284, and two of the disabled parking spaces would further be removed, meaning that just 10 will remain.

Cyclists would also be able to pay a visit, as four cycle stands would be created, making spaces for eight cycles in total.

It has been proposed that a total of 50 people would be employed, creating a number of new jobs for the coffee chain on the leisure complex.

No proposed trading hours for the restaurant have been revealed at the time of publication (30 March).

As part of the new plans, the building facades would be modernised so a service window can be installed, and the external appearance would be ‘improved’.

The building’s brickwork would be painted all black, and an existing enclosed service yard and storage area would be demolished, and the bin storage and back of house would be replaced.

A scheme of advertisements – including storefront and drive-through signage – would be installed.

Forms of payment accepted at the drive-through would include: Cash, contactless card, and chip and pin card payments.

For those in Hinckley, a Tim’s branch can be found in Leicester city centre, and there are even two seemingly on the way in Leicestershire at the time of publication (30 March), with one in a former Pizza Hut, and the other on a former factory site.

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