Barwell Parish Councillor meets with the Lib Dem Leader for Local Government

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 March 2022

A BARWELL PARISH councillor recently spoke with the Liberal Democrat Leader for Local Government in a meeting.

Main image (Image: Mathew Hulbert) / Inset (Image: Joe Harris)

Councillor Mathew Hulbert, representative of Barwell’s Redhall Ward, posted the update to his official Twitter account yesterday (Tuesday, 22 March).

Coun. Hulbert stated that he spoke to Joe Harris, about the ‘important’ work being carried out by parish and town Lib Dem councillors across the country – and that he Is looking forward to an ‘ongoing dialogue’.

Mathew Hulbert spoke about his meeting with Coun. Harris to the Hinckley Free Press.

He explained: “I really appreciate Councillor Harris meeting with me, as my party’s leader in Local Government, to discuss the vitally important work Lib Dem parish and town Councillors are doing in their communities up and down the country.

He continued: ”I also talked with him about a number of the issues facing the first tier of Local Government at this time.

“I look forward to an ongoing dialogue with Joe on these and other issues moving forward.”

And, Hulbert recently held a Zoom meeting with Lib Dem Leader and Member of Parliament, Tim Farron, about the ‘vital’ role that local councils have played in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, by helping to ‘galvanise’ local communities.

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