Hinckley’s St. Mary’s School celebrate World Book Day with works of William Shakespeare

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 3 March 2022

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S work has been celebrated by staff and students at St. Mary’s School, located on Station Road in Hinckley, to mark World Book Day today (Thursday, 3 March).

Students and staff donned Shakespeare costumes for World Book Day (Image: Mason Moore)

The idea to study Shakespeare’s plays, idioms and works was thought up by staff who wanted students to enjoy themselves and ‘broadened their horizons’, as they discovered the characters who are synonymous with his tales.

In fact, Hamlet and Ophelia and Romeo and Juliet were even spotted at the school, straight out of the pages of the play script.

King Hamlet (Mr. Cramp), Ophelia (Mrs Potter), and Julius Caesar (Mr. Bond)
Two staff members dressed as Romeo and Juliet (Image: Mason Moore)

Helen Talbot, English Lead at the school, said: “It has been an amazing day and its great to see all of our children dressed up in Shakespeare related costumes.

“In the past, we have held our World Book day around a theme, such as Roald Dahl, and similar authors.

“But, some of the older children are going to watch a play related to Shakespeare in April, so it’s only fitting that we concentrate on Shakespeare so the children know the characters that they came dressed as better.”

Students have been studying his work in many ways – including drama lessons on his plays, watching animated versions of the plays, and even studying idioms that Shakespeare first thought up in his work.

Malise, a student at St. Mary’s, said: “I came dressed as an archer to show that you don’t have to be a boy or a girl to be a warrior – my character is from Love’s Labour’s Lost.”

Eva, another student, came dressed as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet – and had previously heard of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and Hamlet.

Lennon in Year 5 came dressed as Shakespeare, as he enjoys his work – and even asked for Santa for Shakespeare’s books at Christmas.

Zane, another student, said: “I was familiar with Romeo and Juliet. I have previously read his works. I enjoyed dressing up today.”

Mrs. Potter, of St. Mary’s School, said: “I’m a really big Shakespeare fan myself and it’s good to do it something like this for a first time.

“The students enjoyed studying the characters – and not just notable ones – even the fairies and witches.

“Us staff members got some funny looks as we were coming through the school gates.”

Headteacher, Rachel Ayres, said: “I’m really pleased by the response. The staff and students have really gone to town on it.”

“Students researched at home who some of the characters are, and a letter went out giving suggestions on what they could wear.

“It’s good to see both the Old Romeo and New Romeo – as well as lesser known characters such as Ophelia. It makes me so proud to be head of such an inclusive school!”

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