Hinckley Police officers stress in stern statement that Castle Street is a ‘no-go’ area for cyclists

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 February 2022

HINCKLEY POLICE officers have issued a stern statement on their official Facebook page yesterday to stress that Castle Street is a pedestrianised area – and as such it is a ‘no go’ area for cyclists.

The sign which is confusing some cyclists (Image: Hinckley Police)

The post was shared to the local force’s Facebook page yesterday morning (Tuesday, 22 February), alongside of a photo taken on Upper Castle Street of a ‘no cycling’ sign.

There are already many “no cycling” signs reminding town-goers of this rule at the top of the street, as well as the bottom, near Market Place, but officers have shared a photo of one sign that is seemingly causing some confusion.

According to officers, the confusion with some cyclists lies in the fact that this is because the sign in question does not have a line through the bike.

But, they have stated that red circles help to explain that it is an order, and those who are ignoring the orders and still cycling through may be slapped with a fine as a result.

They stated: “Red circles mean that it’s an order and breaching an order means you commit an offence.

“We understand that sometimes people might misunderstand what signs are telling you.

“At the bottom of the sign in the yellow section is a picture of a pedal cycle in a red circle. This means NO CYCLING (sic).

“It doesn’t need a line through the bike or anything more and those riding in this area could end up with a fine!”

The reasoning behind cycling not being allowed on the street is to ensure that town centre shoppers can do their shopping safely, without worrying about being hit by bikers who are riding down the hill.

Police further stressed that push bike users should push them through town.

“If you do use a push bike then you either need to push it along Castle Street or choose to go a different route such as down Stockwell Head”, they explained.

People seeking more information about the rule have been encouraged to check the Highway Code.

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