Three Hinckley shops banned from selling alcohol – one premises licence revoked, one surrendered, another suspended for months

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 19 February 2022

THREE HINCKLEY shops have been banned from selling alcohol, as they all had their licences revoked, after receiving a ‘surprise visit’ from the town’s police officers.

Alcohol on shop shelves (Image: Unsplash)

Officers from the Hinckley and Blaby Neighbourhood Policing Area visited the stores back in September 2021, as a part of planned warrants, under an operation named ‘Operation Impose’, which targets criminality in the area and across county lines.

As a result of the operation, officers arrested four individuals on the suspicion of handling stolen goods.

They have since been released under investigation – and the enquiry is continuing.

After arrests were made, Hinckley Police officers suggested to Hinckley and Borough Council (HBBC), that they should review the stores’ premises licences, which allow them to serve alcohol.

The suggestion was made by the force as it was suspected that the stores had failed to adhere to their licensing condition of prevention of crime and disorder.

At the review hearing, which was held in November 2021 by the Borough Council, the police presented their findings.

Banned from serving booze – the shops in question

It was determined that one premises was to have its licence revoked, another would have theirs suspended for three months, and the third surrendered its licence before the hearing was held.

The three stores affected by the operation are as follows:

1. Rugby Road Wine Cellars, Rugby Road, Hinckley

The committee had decided to revoke their premises alcohol licence entirely.

2. ST Stores, Rugby Road, Hinckley

A decision was made to suspend the premises alcohol license until 4 April 2022, when it will be reviewed again.

3. Derby Road Post Office, Derby Road, Hinckley

The premises licence holder surrendered his alcohol premises licence before the licensing hearing went ahead.

As a result, both Derby Road Post Office and Rugby Road Wine Cellar will have to reapply for a new license if they wish to sell alcohol again.

Hinckley and Blaby Police Constable comments

PC Sarah Francis-Lang, from the Hinckley and Blaby Neighbourhood Policing area, said: “This decision was taken by the council, following a recommendation from us following the enforcement action.

“No appeals were made following the review in November and the decisions made by the committee are in force at the stores.

“We will take all reports of criminality seriously. Having an alcohol license is a privilege and something that is always under constant review.”

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