‘Landmark’ currently-derelict Hinckley cinema put back on the property market once again

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 17 February 2022

A LANDMARK former cinema in Hinckley, based on the corner of Trinity Lane and Upper Bond Street, has been placed on the property market this week.

The new ‘for sale’ sign at the front of the property (Image: Mason Moore)

Yesterday (17 February), the Hinckley Free Press had noticed that Savills Letting Agents have quietly placed a ‘for sale’ sign at the front of the derelict cinema building.

This gives Hinckley hope that the building could possibly be used once again, if all the inside asbestos issues, rotting flooring, and other dangerous items, are cleared out.

Described as “a development opportunity” on the blue “for sale” sign at the front of the iconic property, interested potential buyers are being encouraged to enquire with Savills directly, by calling 0115 934 8152, or by visiting them online, at savills.co.uk.

Many will know it from the many different names it has been given – The Danilo, Cannon, Classic, and the MGM, and finally, All Bar Sports.

Documents obtained by the Free Press reveal that its most recent owners were a Warrington-based firm called A.P.V. Leisure Limited, which was operated by Alfred Valler, Lee Valler, Kenneth Merrell, and an unnamed director operating as ‘Haslams’.

Around 1995, A.P.V. Leisure acquired the site for an unknown sum, with help from the Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland, who were their lenders.

It was last used as a sports bar named All Bar Sports, from 1998, through to 2004.

Many different plans have since been made to get the building back to use in the modern day, but these plans fell through and never went ahead.

As a result of it sitting derelict and unused since its closure in 2004, the once-iconic Hinckley cinema has started rotting away – and it has sadly become the target of many a break-in.

The inside is filled with rotting wood, asbestos, and sharp materials, meaning that it had to be secured from the public, and not much can be done in its current state.

It is a building that Hinckley Police’s top cops are all too familiar with, after many instances of them meeting with ‘urban explorers’ inside, who have been warned to ‘stay out’ but continued to gain unauthorised access, by removing security grates.

In recent years, officers have warned against trying to go in, time and time again, and they have even stressed how the building is now “a death trap” in its current state.

The Savills listing for the property includes a floor plan and brochure – agents are keen to mention that this is a “prominent” location in the town. These can be viewed here.

It is being sold for £350,000, including the cost of value-added tax (VAT).

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