Mathew on Monday column – “In these tough times, a couple of hours of unreality is very welcome”

Mathew Hulbert | Columnist | 14 February 2022

HAPPY MONDAY, dear reader.

Wrestling in Hinckley match (Image: Mason Moore) / Inset (Image: Mathew Hulbert)

Some people jump out of bed on a Monday morning, excited about the prospects of a new week.

Others dread the start of a new week and hit the ‘sleeper’ button on on their alarm several times before getting up.

I understand both points of view, but will say I’m more like the latter than the former.

Especially during these difficult days, when pulling the quilt over your head and having a few more Zzz’s appears a far more attractive option than waking up to hear the latest news on the pandemic or Party-Gate and so on.

We’ve come through a lot these last two years and almost everyone knows someone who has either died with/from Covid 19 or who has been affected in other ways, such as the loss of a job or a business.

These have been and are tough times and sometimes we have to paint a smile on our faces, walk out the front door and face the new day with a knotted feeling in our stomachs.

That being the case, the prospect of a couple of hours of mindless entertainment, of unreality rather than reality, can be very welcome.

So it was for me this past Saturday.

Come late afternoon/early evening, there I was, beer in hand (just the one!), sat in a seat just mere feet away from blokes (apart from the iconic ‘Dominita’) dressed in tiny spandex costumes, pretending to knock lumps out of each other in a ring.

Yup, I was watching some good old British wrestling.

Brought to use by the good folks at Wrestling in Hinckley.

Their latest show, the first I’ve seen in person, was called ‘Fear of Falling’ and was held at Hastings High School in Burbage.

A tournament of four qualifying matches, with the four victors going through to the main event which, as the name of the tournament might suggest, involved the fellas having to use ladders to reach a briefcase suspended high above the ring (think WWE’s annual ‘Money in the Bank’ match), to win themselves a contract they can cash in at any time over the next year for a championship match.

No spoilers here, as those who want to watch it but missed the show will be able to catch it on ‘the Netflix of wrestling’ streaming service Powered 4 TV soon, but the guy who wins it all is a handsome chap who took an almighty bump (I believe that’s the right parlance) part way through the contest and I thought was out of it altogether until he made a heroic comeback.

My favourite, another good-looking fella (not that I go to the wrestling just to gaze at fit fellas, you understand), ended up with an ‘injury’ after being attacked by another bloke who didn’t even make it through to the final.

The clear fan favourite of the night, however, wasn’t any of the blokes but rather the aforementioned Dominita.

She took on the Wrestling in Hinckley Champion…a man known as ‘The Judge’ but I somehow fear you’re unlikely to see him if you ever find yourself in the dock.

This was an intergender match and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Though, I have to say, I was distracted by this young lad, sat in a seat behind me, who must be the biggest Dominita fan in the world and who was shouting his support for her at the top of his lungs.

But, that’s what it’s all about, right?

Rather like panto or EastEnders, we watch it knowing it’s a bit silly, knowing it’s not ‘real,’ knowing it’s pre-scripted…but loving it nonetheless.

And, I’ve gotta say, the acrobatics the guys did with, from and onto those ladders reaffirmed to me that scripted it may well be, but the risks they take for our entertainment are all too real.

Thanks to Mason Moore and his brother Vaughan, both of this parish, for inviting me along.

Wrestling in Hinckley’s next event, in April, is called their ‘Biggest Show of the Year.’

I think i’ll be back in the stands, beer in hand, watching the stars do their thing.
Because we all need a bit of escapism, right?

See you back here in a fortnight, grapple fans!

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