Hoarding boards blown over on top of two cars outside of former Hinckley Lidl store

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 12 February 2022

SOME HOARDING boards which were surrounding and securing Hinckley’s former Lidl foodstore, located on Hawley Road, have blown over on to the top of two cars.

The construction hoardings on the top of two cars (Image: Hinckley Free Press)

The incident was spotted this afternoon by passers-by and drivers who were using the busy road, at approximately 12.50pm, as soon as it had taken place.

The Hinckley Free Press have received dashcam imagery, from a witness who wished to remain unnamed, of the fences covering the cars and police cars at the scene.

Officers talking to people involved in the incident (Image: Hinckley Free Press)

A witness spoke to the Free Press about the incident.

They said: “The fencing is in the road on top of two cars.

They continued: “It is likely that the cars had been at traffic lights waiting to turn left into Rugby Road”.

The boards were installed in mid-2019 to block off public view and access to the former Lidl, when the cut-price chain moved into their new store on Coventry Road.

Others have left comments on social media.

One stated that they had noticed the wooden hoarding boards starting to ‘lean’ a few days ago – and branded it ‘unsafe’.

Another said that a mother, who was walking by with a pram, moments before it happened, was ‘very lucky’ to have just missed it.

Leicestershire Police officers arrived at the scene shortly after it had happened.

The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS) were then called on down to help remove the fences from atop the vehicles, according to a Police spokesperson.

A spokesperson for the Fire and Rescue Service has been approached for further details, but has not yet issued a statement at the time of publication.

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