Opening date of Fosse Park’s new Loungers cafe and bar revealed

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 2 February 2022

THE OPENING date for Fosse Park’s new Loungers cafe and bar has been revealed.

Volpo Lounge is under construction at the minute (Image: Mason Moore)

The Hinckley Free Press have learnt that bosses at Loungers have confirmed the opening date for Fosse Park’s newest Lounge – and it is set to open in two weeks’ time.

The new cafe and bar, named Volpo Lounge, is set to open its doors to members of the public on Wednesday, 16 February.

Loungers are still recruiting new members for their cafe bar through the Loungers Recruitment website, with a total of seven jobs available.

1. Chef

2. Assistant Manager

3. Kitchen Porter

4. Kitchen Team

5. Front of House Supervisor

6. Bar and Waiting Team

7. Sous Chef

A Facebook page has also been set up to provide updates on the opening in the meantime.

In December, the Free Press reported – in good faith – that the new venture would be known as “Vulpo” (which is ‘fox’ in the Esperanto language), however, all mentions of “Vulpo” have since been replaced with “Volpo” instead.

In a statement posted on the Loungers website, a spokesperson explained that the ‘builders are hard at work’, and ‘finishing off’.

It reads: “The builders are currently hard at work finishing off Volpo Lounge in Leicester in time for our opening on the 16th of February!

“Our Lounge will be a home from home, offering delicious food and drinks, all day, on your doorstep. We exist to bring people together and our unique atmosphere changes hour by hour with each new wave of customers.

“We are proud of our Lounge and its community and our aim is simple: every customer leaves happy.”

It continues: “We’ll serve a wide range of food and drinks – we even have our very own gluten free and vegan menu.

“We’ll have board games for big and small guests, toys for the really wee ones, and even refreshments for our canine guests. Old or young, big or small – just pop along and we’ll look after you.

“If you have any questions, please contact us on – otherwise Leicester, we’ll see you soon!”

Volpo will be located at Fosse Park West.

It will open on 9am and close at 11pm on Sunday to Wednesday.

And on Thursday to Saturday, it will open at 9am and close at midnight.

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