Leicestershire and Warwickshire’s ‘biggest’ one night wrestling tournament taking place in Burbage next Saturday

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 2 February 2022

LEICESTERSHIRE and Warwickshire’s biggest one night pro-wrestling tournament is to be held in Burbage next Saturday (12 February).

A previous Wrestling In Hinckley event (Image: From The Crowd Photography)

Wrestling In Hinckley’s annual Fear of Falling tournament will see wrestlers battle it out in four qualifying singles matches.

And the main event will be a ‘fatal four-way’ ladder match for a contract, which gives the winner a championship shot anytime this year.

The contract will be suspended four metres in the air, meaning competitors will have to try and climb their way to the top rung of the ladder to retrieve the contract, whilst fending off any opponents out to get them as they are moments away from victory.

According to Wrestling In Hinckley bosses in a statement issued to the Free Press, the opening bout of the evening will see new fan-favourite “The Warrior” Luke Basham face off against “The Enemy” Kieran Young.

During the Christmas Rumble in December, Basham was unsuccessful in his efforts to win as he was eliminated alongside Kieran Young nearing the end of the match, so this match has been made as a fair rematch to slug it out for a life-changing opportunity.

In the second qualifying match of the night, previous champion Joey Scott will face Alex Connors of tag trio Health and Safety.

But, the trio, made up of Connors and teammates Kirk Langley and Sam Best, have not seen eye to eye in recent times, after Kirk and Alex going against Sam and decided to try and end his career at our Rumble show in December.

The team seems to be falling apart so could this throw Alex Connors off whilst facing our previous champion.

Following the match between Scott and Connors, current Pro Wrestling Subjective Champion, Jason Joshua, will go head-to-head with Leicestershire’s very own well-known high-flyer, Tyler Owens, in a championship match

Joshua has recently taken a ‘massive’ turn as his 0 – 18 loss streak came to an end, and he became the first ever Pro Wresting Subjective champion, and he heads into the show with his brand new winning streak.

In what will be the final qualifying match of the night, Sam Best will face Damien Black.

Best was recently part of the break up on the Health and Safety trio, after he was left long-lasting injuries by Connors and Langley following a disagreement.

However, he is now back, with vengeance on his mind, and the injuries he endured may be the advantage which leads him to a championship match.

The last match of the night before the fatal four-way main event will see The Judge face Dominita in an intergender championship match.

Dominita is no stranger to intergender championship matches, having competed in her first in February 2019, albeit in a losing effort due to ‘dastardly’ tactics.

She is now out to face The Judge, after saving Steve Valentino at the last show and putting The Judge through a table.

“These two are the biggest, strongest and hardest hitting wrestlers on our roster and this match is assured to go down in the history books”, exclaimed a Wrestling In Hinckley spokesperson.

The show is suitable for people of all ages and it will be held at Hastings High School on St. Catherine’s Close in Burbage.

Doors will open at 5.45pm and the show will begin at 6.30pm.

It will finish at approximately 9pm.

Food and drink will be available at the show, and a full merchandise table filled with Wrestling in Hinckley merchandise will be on offer for fans who want to support their favourite stars.

Backstage passes are also available, giving fans the opportunity to meet the roster, and get a poster which can be signed by all competitors and kept.

Tickets will be available on the door, or alternatively, they can be purchased online here.

The event will be available to watch a week later on-demand through Powered 4 TV.

A free month of access to Powered 4 TV can be claimed using promo code “WIH”, which unlocks the show and previous events.

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